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For Call of Duty: Vanguard a new update is available. Connected are a handful of new changes such as bug fixes, weapons balances, exploit fixes and more. Since the first season is in full swing, all updates are good updates, especially if you serve for better. Here are the patches for the latest version of Call of Duty: Vanguard (version 1.09).

Call of Duty: Vanguard Update 1.09-Patchoteaten



The use of Daniel’s alternative skin does not lead to the crash of the game

Seasonal challenges

The progress for seasonal challenges is now visible, active and can be tracked


Riot shield now blocks forward to the front damage and balls penetrate
The Firefight Blueprint has been corrected to remove light that comes from the front end of the running and parts of the optics
KAR98K Hunter Incentive Skin no longer causes the weapon to see the visor instead of the appropriate rifle scope
Top break mouths do not jump at reloading
Loadouts with 7 Round MAGS corrected, so that the total ammunition number is divisible by 7
Fixed several problems with charms in a Compass
Weapon animations were polished, and some mistakes have been fixed
The tank fist challenge was changed from the destruction of Ariel Streaks to Long shot Kills
KAR98K & TYPE 99
When using a small caliber’s magazine, these weapons now retain the ability for one-shot kills when breast shocks are landed
No longer reduces the damage, but the range reduction has been increased
Gorenko-tank defense rifle
The standard target remote tube will no longer cover the view of the player in close combat with the bayonet
Melee range was reduced for bayonet when the REACH KIT PERK is applied
Double barrel
The wording in the Death Artist Challenge was corrected to say 16 Gauge Mag instead of 12 Gauge Mag.
Storm rifle Alpha
Camos now show the right course
M1 Grand
Camos now show the right course
Cross progression
Master Ribbons data from Cold was now imported and played in Vanguard
Kills in War zone are now among the challenges in Vanguard

Kill streaks

Morse fire
Increased damage due to the mortar lock fire
Mortar lock has been optimized to make the use less difficult


Fixed multiple exploits outside the map
Stay unnatural hanging when jumping against ramp walls
Fixed problem that made some doors indestructible
Spawns and exploits out of the map fixed
Desert coating
Spawn tuning to reduce the spawn near enemies
A rendering problem has been fixed that led to intense fog on some players
Problems with flashing textures were fixed in several places
Problems with the impact force of certain walls have been fixed
The explosion radius of the MK2 splitter grenade no longer affects players who should be protected by walls
Red Star
An error has been fixed that led to lighting effects to the player like a spotlight on the map
Distracting and graphic wrong shadows do not appear under luminaires anymore
in a number
Invisible Geo in Numa, which blocked balls in the air
It was fixed a problem in which an invisible wall after destruction remained
Demolition and tactic benefits are now working as intended
Sub pens, Castle, Oasis, the house
Exploits out of the map fixed


The control is live now!
Master hill
Players no longer fall from Champion Hill Duos, which leads to the closure of the entire game
Players can now access the scoreboard and viewer mode

User interface / UX

Users do not receive error messages that sugar themselves that they have no crossly permission when you try to add other consoles to a party
Flairs appear now with every prestige level-up and XP bars should reflect prestige progress
Double prestige icons have been fixed



A progress blocker in the Lady Nightingale Level has been fixed, which was caused by a non-reactive character



The visibility in areas with low light has been improved, making it clearer when catching control runes visually.
The progress bar no longer overlaps with different notifications such as challenge degrees, rang-ups, weapons levels and more.
Professor Kraft will now recognize the conclusion of cleaning goals.


Brimstone does not damage zombies more if the player goes to the ground.
Brimstone was adapted to harm now only zombies, which are in the vision line of the player.
Werner now work as intended with the Dead Accurate Covenant.
fast revenge
The description of fast revenge has been updated to take into account that only the weapon damage is increased by using this pack.
Knives now work as intended with the Swift Vengeance Covenant.


It has been resolved a problem in which weapons from boxes at departing briefly indicated the wrong model.
It has been fixed a problem where some mystery box weapons have appeared with the magazine separate from the weapon.
A problem has been resolved, the player prevented from loading into a match with their preferred custom crosshair.
An issue has been resolved by incorrectly identifying some launcher damage as critical hits.


Portals now offer players the opportunity to visit each destination before they have the opportunity to return to the same location.
Various exploits closed, the players prevented damage caused by zombies.


Melee Camo challenges have been adjusted to count kills, not eliminations, except storm warrior challenges.

User interface

Forenames were added in places where they were missing on the card.
The scoreboard in the game now shows the player in the right ranking.
A problem with overlapping scoreboard user interface has been fixed.


A problem has been resolved in which the voice communication could compete for operator and announcement.

subtitle / text

Several corrections for subtitles when players select the English language setting.
Several corrections for voice lines and subtitles when players select the German language setting.
Several corrections for text descriptions when players select the language setting Brazilian Portuguese.
Several corrections for subtitles when players select the language setting Polish.


It has been fixed a problem that sometimes catapulted a player into the Zombie’s main menu when it copied and replaced Loadouts.
Different stability corrections.

These patch notes were taken from the official website of SLEDGEHAMMER GAMES. You can view this by clicking here. Some of these corrections were really necessary, such as camouflage progress, card exploits and adding the control mode.

Call of Duty: Vintage is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC via

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