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In the Humble Store you can now buy a new game package, which is just a Euro. At the Humble Dangerous Worlds Bundle, titles are in focus, with which it is in — how the name already can be guided — dangerous worlds. We give you the most important information on the hand at this point.

Which games are included in the new humble bundle?

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The scope of the package depends on how much money you are ready to pay. For the minimum amount of one euro, you will receive the strategy-based Kingdom: New Lands and the Multiplayer game Among US. If you pay the current average price of at least 7.16 euros, there are three games on top of that. These include Generation Zero and Kingdom: Two Crowns. From 10.60 Euro you get access to the entire package with a total of seven titles. Here are the overview:

Among US
Kingdom: New Lands
Kingdom. Two Crowns (from 7.16 euros)
Kingdom. Two Crowns — Norse Lands Coupon (from 7.16 euros)
Generation Zero (from 7.16 euros)
State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition (from 10.60 Euro)
LEVER GATE (from 10.60 Euro)

Money for a good cause

In addition to the price of the humble bundle as usual, you can also specify exactly how Shares the money is divided into the Humble Store, the developers or a charitable institution. This time the revenue supports the organization Child’s Play. The offer is still valid until Wednesday, 22 December 201 at 19:00 in German.

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