Ubisoft developer comment on concerns about the new NFT

Although many Big Players of the Games industry have expressed their interest Krypto-Gaming, it was known to be publisher Ubisoft, who could conjure up the first NFT platform from the hat. Ubisoft Quartz is called the project and first offers only cosmetic digits for Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

600 hours for a helmet

Ubisoft Devs Slam & Call Out Execs Over Shady Quartz NFTs' Uselessness & Negative Impact

That alone is already enough to get started with a proper shit storm. Alone the topics of cryptocurrencies and NFTs polarize, the reasons we have cut in our Special for Krypton Gaming. But the implementation of Ubisoft is in criticism. Restrictions for the purchased NFTs are there a lot. At the same time, Ubisoft wants to know nothing of liability or support when it comes to the used blockchain technology or the sold NFTs.

And something turned the good mood: For one of the NFTs (a cosmetic helmet), players need to invest around the 600 hours in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. This is an absurd high number, which will provide for a flood of AFK bots from Krypton fans. In the end, Ubisoft wins because they can perform the bots as monthly active users in their quarterly reports, the criticism.

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Criticism also from your own corner

But not only from the community comes criticism. Also, various developers at Ubisoft seem to see the new platform critical. Kodak should have received several messages that occupy this. After a Quartz was introduced internally, employees who have questions that existing issues are solved with the new NFTs and whether all the criticisms that the offer will certainly be attracted to the yield in the end.

Others are now worried that they soon receive instructions, also need to install NFTs in their games. Normally, I always try to see the positive in our announcements, but this is just annoying, says another comment. Also concerns about the used blockchain technology and its energy efficiency have been formulated, or simply the concern that it is now too opposed to an unstable hype train with jumping up and so for the next PR disaster in a now quite long list of PR- Vessel of Ubisoft ensures.

It’s hard to say how many of these messages have actually reached the upper floors of Ubisoft. Of course, only that the platform has never gone online, and the company now has to live with the impacts.

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