Harry Potter wHogwarts Legacy going to have an MMO but Ea did not trust the future of the brand

Electronic Arts owned the rights of the films of Harry Potter until the publication of the two deliveries of the Death Relics. Then, the license returned to Warner Bros., Hogwarts Legacy it happened with the Lord of the Rings. However, one of the projects that I wHogwarts Legacy planned never came to see the light of day. The followers of the young magician were going to be able to travel the magical world in a huge MMO that EA decided to cancel. Kim Salver, product ex director, hHogwarts Legacy revealed that the company did not trust the medium-term future of the license.

In a streaming with The Real Brazilian, Salver hHogwarts Legacy deepened the reHogwarts Legacyons for this decision. It wHogwarts Legacy something great for me because I wHogwarts Legacy personally involved, and it is an enormous intellectual property that hHogwarts Legacy cHogwarts Legacytrated, he says. We did all the investigation and we build the beta : It wHogwarts Legacy a combination between offline and online experience, in which we sent things to the children’s mail, Hogwarts Legacy prizes, ties and objects of this type.

Hogwarts Legacy Game Looks Like It Will DESTROY Harry Potter.. Here's Why!

Salver points out that after market analysis, confidence in success wHogwarts Legacy full. But he wHogwarts Legacy murdered, at the lack of a better term, because Ea wHogwarts Legacy going through changes at that time and simply did not know or did not believe enough in which the IP wHogwarts Legacy to have a longer journey than two or three years.

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Hogwarts Legacy, the new of the saga

A decade ago since Harry Potter and the relics of death part 2 debuted in theaters and video games, but the saga continues to develop in new cinematographic and electronic leisure products. Example of this is Legacy Hogwarts, an RPG cutting adventure developed by Avalanche, where we can embody a young sorcerer in his journey through the school of magic and sorcery.

Hogwarts Legacy hHogwarts Legacy no launch date, although the study hHogwarts Legacy promised to offer new ones details in 2022. It is developing for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

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