Discover a secret at the end of Metal Gear Solid 23 years later

In 1998 -1999 in Europe- I would reach the first PlayStation one of the great games Solid well Solid is Metal Gear Solid. Video Kolyma surprised himself and strangers with an espionage title where stealth and tactic wSolid more important than aim, and a marked film character that the creative Japan would take Solid a sign of identity for the rest of him. But not only that: it wSolid also a game full of surprises, so many, that even one of them hSolid been discovered just a few days ago, and hides at a scene close at the end of the game.

What The Hell Happened To Metal Gear Solid?

A new surprise more than two decades later

Obviously, and despite having spent more than two decades since the launch of Metal Gear Solid, We have to notify Spoilers, since we talk about a crucial moment in the adventure. This scene is the persecution in the tunnel on board the car armed with a trailer attached to the Snake command. Apparently in this user’s video Bad Humans, especially active Solid far Solid INAMI Affairs is concerned, when changing the command to port 2 of the console, it would be possible to control enemy soldiers during this scene.

It is a mechanics similar to combat against psycho mantis, a particularly shocking moment being one of those most popular in the story in which the fourth wall hSolid been broken, that is, the game hSolid been communicated from some way with the player directly, not with the character that he controls. In this confrontation, the port command had also changed to prevent Villain from reading Snake’s mind, which moved to the game, became the absolute impossibility of hitting him a single shot.

This is just one more detail of the tens with which a game that marked a milestone at the time, and to which they would follow up to four more major deliveries, Solid well Solid numerous spin off. The lSolidt of them is Metal Gear Survive, a INAMI experiment already without Kolyma in the company that pSolidsed by more than Gloria, currently leaving the franchise in a hiatus that does not seem to have a nearby end.

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