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BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT Employee Jessica Gonzalez revealed the inappropriate behavior of Veteran male staff, December 28. He posted a series of chat logs on his own Twitter. He claims that he had employee sensitive information sharing and slandering.

Asmongold Comments on Blizzard's Horrifying Scandal

In Activision Blizzard, from July this year, a lawsuit about the internal discrimination problem such as sexual harassment was centralized. Prosecute activity is followed by heating, and the company is currently in a situation where the former employee is tough from the community and the game industry (related articles). Jessica Gonzalez is a major member of the protests by employees. She is the founder of the exercise ABETTERABK asking for the company’s improvement. She has resigned BLIZZARD to respect her own health in Local time on December 10 (Related Articles). But she has supported the incoming employees who still continue to protest, and she often mentions in-house harassment.

This time Gonzalez was communicated, The Right Wing of Gaming is the presence of the Discord server and the chat log of the inappropriate remarks by the former Blizzard employee on the server. In the logs published, the employee of the ZEBU handle name employee has a brief comment on Gonzalez and a state of emitting complaints to the company. A series of remarks seem to be posted in mid-2021. According to Gonzalez, this ZEBU is the original BLIZZARD Veteran employee Geoff Frieze. Mr. Gonzalez claims that Mr. Frieze tried to appeal to the upper layer as harmful person.

Introduces the remarks of the person as Frieze in the chat log. First, this person seems to have had a strong dissatisfaction with many personnel in-house leave Blizzard. He is criticizing Blizzard, claiming, The company is strong to worship homosexual and disabled people and criticizes Blizzard, and another post is gastrin jobs as iller than Electronic Arts. He also claims that I’m trying to purge me because I’m a maintenance group that I have not been vaccinated. He says he is dissatisfied with the center of the interns, and mentions the physical features such as the chest for those employees, and the sexual orientation. In addition, Gonzalez says Mental disorder I’m trying to break the company and I’m going to destroy the company I’ve been to the government’s Government.

Also, according to Gonzalez, this DISCORD server has had an inappropriate post to leak employee sensitive information and an inappropriate post to Objectify. In addition, many inappropriate interactions have been made to expose the sex orientation of transgender employees who have not come out by themselves.

A series of speakers, who is a series of speakers, is a veteran who worked for about 24 years from the dawn of Blizzard. He joined QA (Quality Assurance) work of STAGECRAFT in 1997. Since then, we had a long-term basis of marketing, such as the production of web content related to BLIZZARD works. He is not quite unsettled or dismissed, but he is leaving Blizzard in September this year. The tweets by Gonzalez call the ripples and have reached the website that FRAILER, which was operated. Also, from another Blizzard employee, Gonzalez’s tweets are attributes that are true.

If the accusation of Gonzalez is the case, one end of the harmful work environment in Blizzard will also be exposed to white days. In a closed place, it should not be allowed to share employee sensitive information sharing and biased. In Activision Blizzard, these accusations and outflows of internal sentences are continuous. The voices of protests and accusations will not stop until the company truly improved and spits all pus.

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