Open game test of regiments available now

NEW rake game testing (TEST VERSION)

Microprose makes a new Open Play test version for free regiments available on Steam now. Located in 1989, places players on the German battlefield which is divided between the NATO forces and the Warsaw Pact. The next real-time tactic game is now ready to be tried by all.

This version focuses specifically on the Operations game mode, which will be the main mode of the game. In the operations, players lead their regiment through exhausting days on multiple cards. The game puts a lot of emphasis on the player’s decisions.

As players argue in their campaign, all losses are recorded and the platforms deployed, and the obstacles will maintain their positions. The players will also notice that the terrain will remain damaged by the previous battles.

Players will earn operational points by performing certain goals, using them to counter their losses. They will use these points to order more supplies, get support, ask for new special forces or improve their equipment.

However, the enemy part will not wait for players to organize themselves. In REGIMENTS, the enemy counter-attack ferociously players in operation mode. Each phase will have an event that will take place and advance the steps of the operation. Discover the battlefield filled with action with the new trailer below.

Today’s update also provides a crowd of other changes and improvements to regiments. This includes IA updates, additional quality features, a refined visual presentation and more units.

If military strategy games are your trick, so try for free. The game promises very realistic stray fights, with a platoon command system that puts you in the commander’s seat. No Micronesian here, just battles on a large scale you can orchestrate.

Do you have what it takes to win the Cold War? Discover for yourself today.

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