New World Popular Streamer Shroud reveals why he could stop

While New World had experienced a sensational onslaught on the servers in September, in which even partially over 900,000 players wanted to go to Sternum at the same time, this hype is now flooded. The daily tips are now at about 100,000 adventurers (via Steam DB). That’s good according to your own statements of the developers, but still the question arises: Will this number continue to fall? When do players listen who are still excited in New World even now? Shroud belongs to the largest twitch streamers at all and now also to the active New World players. But even the Super Streamer has put an ultimatum, which could bring him to stop.

The new mutations of New World are the key

In a gameplay session, Shroud namely explained how curious he is on the so-called mutations for the expeditions of New World. According to developers, the feature of the coming January update should provide the Amazon MMORPG with more variety, by getting the dungeons in Sternum modifiers shaping visits each time. For Shroud, this sounds great on the paper, but the rewards of the whole thing are important:

If you put out mutations, and you are able to create quasi mythic + -demons and make the expeditions harder, but they give me no rewards, then I will not play. What should do that? That’s just stupid stuff., emphasizes Shroud. You make a mutation. That takes about an hour. It’s a challenge. You need a lot of materials. And then you do not even get something good. It would just be etching.

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Which rewards give mutations in New World?

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The precise rewards for mutation expeditions have not yet been revealed yet, but the developers have emphasized in the announcement of the feature that there will be exclusive rewards. Among other things, there will be a new set for each expedition, while you can deserve looks that believe that mutations have mastered you — for example, is pleased to a gift skin, if you have asked you thanks to mutation plague monsters. In this respect, it will definitely give extra loot by mutations — whether it justifies the effort for Shroud, we probably experience in January.

Which rewards do you hope for from the mutations in New World? Do you want better equipment? Or are skins more important to demonstrate your achievement? Betray us in the comments!

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