End Eternal Magic. The cheeky copy of Wow and GW2 left the world today

this morning (around GODZILLA 6:00 Polish time) Eternal Magic was closed. Most likely permanently, since we do not assume that a new publisher would want this Next-Genem from seven sorrows.

Who but whoever Eternal Magic does not be entitled to a return.

On January 10, at 6:00 am for EU (GMT + 1) and 0:00 am for the region (GMT-5), The Game Servers Will Be Impaired. The Globe of Eternal Magic Will Be Closed Forever.

Eternal Magic might not prosper with us, since:

From the very beginning Eternal Magic had really a couple of active players, so closing the servers referred time. And also, please — it took place.

Was offered Europe four years after Eastern best.
Since visuals stood at a low level.
Because the gameplay was to schematic pain,.
Well, the most important — the game brazenly used elements understood from Globe of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 or also Smitten, which is not much in usual with the Closed Forever species.

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Cross when traveling.

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