Wordle: This browser

Good can be so easy — free after this motto this day a browser game conquers the hearts of the internet community. This carries the title Wordly and comes from a New York programmer called Josh Warble. He wanted to congratulate his girlfriend with the simple puzzle adduced according to a report of the New York Times (payment barrier), but unexpectedly landed a worldwide and viral hit. Because his worshiped fun has become words, Warble crafted a word-based puzzle game as a declaration of love and baptized it based on his surname Wordly.

His partner was excited, and the two shared the game in the WhatsApp group of her family. There, too, there was a rain held, which is why Warble went a step further and made his creation available publicly. From this point on, Wordly prevailed above all via Twitter like a driving fire around the planet. The game principle could barely be simpler. The task is to properly guess a new English language word with five letters within six attempts. Sounds easy, but is sometimes a real head note.

Wordly is reminiscent of Mastermind

Each time you enter a rated word, the game tells you if correct letters were there and whether they are placed at the correct location or not. So you work piece by piece. The whole thing is strongly reminiscent of the classic Mastermind, who pursues a similar concept based on color combinations. The big cloud on Wordly is his tight playing time. A game usually takes only a few minutes and can therefore be used for the best to bridge short waiting times. Unfortunately, the success story of the game also has a shadow side.

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