Xbox One: Microsoft has set the production of all models


Almost eight years after the market launch of the Xbox One (from 199.95 € at Buy), Microsoft has announced that the production of all console models has been set. Cindy Walker has expressed itself in a short statement from the Xbox team. Accordingly, the company would like to focus on the production of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, which is why the production of all Xbox One consoles was completed at the end of 2021.

Several models published Microsoft in the last generation. After the first Xbox One in 2013, followed three years later the smaller Xbox One S. An upgrade has received the console with the Xbox One X in 2017. Finally, a completely digital version of the Xbox One S. followed a completely digital version of the Xbox One S. Recently, Microsoft has revealed that no other Xbox generation has implemented more consoles after the launch of the launch, as the current with Series X and Series S. Exact numbers were not called. By the way, according to a report by Bloomberg Sony wanted to finish the production of the PS4. Now, however, one will produce a million other copies this year.

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