The Director of FINAL FANTASY 14 asks players to stop being so bad

Final Fantasy 14, a MMO whose popularity has exploded in recent years, has released a major extension: End walker. He was very expected and very well revised, but he did not come without problems. The delays were long and the waiting times were longer, which left many frustrated players in a very visible way for developers.

Apparently, these feedbacks were toxic enough for Naomi Yeshiva, the game director, had to do something. What you see below is a translation of a statement that it made in this video.

After 11 years of traveling with the players so far, I feel that the language used has ended up being a little exaggerated, said Yeshiva.

I mean, I can stand it, even if it does not make it less bad, but staff will feel really depressed after hearing these words while they have done their best to try to create something that Everyone can appreciate, and it can end until they do not create any fun things from there.

For those who have already seen problems like this arise, I’m sure you know exactly the kind of hard words Yeshiva speaks. The developers are congratulated when players like the content they create, but frustrated players can get Very creative with their insults. So when it’s bad, it’s very, very bad.


Yeshiva then illustrated the way forward for the Final Fantasy 14 players base.

I have only one request to [all] players there — Imagine that you speak face to face with a developer whose name you may not know the name or face and imagine what he would feel Before sending your comments, and I will be happy if people can do it politely.

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