FC Bayern and Co. violations of minimum wage law at four pro

With FC Bayern we started: In three clubs from the football Bundesliga and in a second division, there has been violations of the minimum wage law since the beginning of 2020.

This is evident from a response of the Federal Government to a request from the Left Bundestag member Victor Perl, which is the German Press Agency. The offenses were established for examinations under the task perception of Financial Control (FRS) of the Customs Administration (…) and the appropriate preliminary investigation. Which clubs it is not communicated.

The WAR magazine Victor Perli Inside had already reported at the end of December that a procedure is to run against several former and current board members of FC Bayern Munich. According to WAR, it was about possible violations of the minimum wage law in the payment of youth coaches.

Previous youth coach had reported Victor Perli Inside, as part of their 450 euro job significantly more than the permitted ten hours worked. Bavaria Board Chief Oliver Khan had insured, the Munich would fully cooperate with the authorities and promised completely less education.

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In summer, the business premises of the FC Augsburg had also been searched. According to customs, it was about to deal with the employment and remuneration modalities of the part-time or voluntary football coaches.

Bundesliga clubs, the millions of players and officials numbers, have brought employees around the minimum wage, said Perl: That’s cynical, and it is speechless it’s bad news for professional football, that the young trainers and supervisors Some unite not even have a minimum wage.

The politician called for enlightenment and punishment: Minimum wage fraud is not a cavalier adult, but economic crime. The evaluated cases in professional football underline the size of the problem, but scratch only at the top of the iceberg.

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