DFB Cup: Embarrassing for Gladbach near Hannover 96

Gray mediocrity in the Bundesliga and now also a bad swatter in the DFB Cup: At Borussia Mönchengladbach, the Cupy crisis has become dramatically tightened.

After a miserable power via wide routes, the Rhine countries lost in the secondary finals at the second division Hanover 96 with 0: 3 (0: 2).

In Round Two, the team of coach ADI Hunter had declassified Bayern Munich with 5: 0. This will continue to wait for the first title since 1995.

It’s difficult to put that in words. We had such a great way to create something special, I just do not understand it, said a deeply disappointed captain Lars Still head shaking at Sky.

The seats used 500 spectators to lead their first scoring. After a mistake of Nico Elves, Maximilian was successful in the fourth minute. After video proof, Sebastian Kirk carried by the trade meter (36th), new entry Marvin Friedrich was the misfortune.

Playback’s descent goes on

Six minutes after the restart, it played out his speed again and closed a counterattack ice-cold.

The Russia last lost five of the past seven encounters in the league, a worrying descent.

The fast residue paralyzed the guests visible. Apart from a goalkeeping for Florian Bauhaus (12th), which failed from a short distance on the strong 96-goalkeeper Ron-Robert Chaster, the Bundesliga twelfth brought no compelling attack almost half an hour.

Hunter stretched again and again the arms in the Hanoverian evening sky.

Playback: Matthias Winter back in the starting


The Austrian had decided to resort to the changing and last not considering Matthias Winter on the right side of the defense side. The defender was still one of the solid actors. But his bet had no present for the 28th birthday, the coach explained in front of the game on the Sky microphone.

In the half-time break, Hunter reacted to the disappointing intermediate level. Breed embryo should give the offensive of the guests more punching power, also Denis Bavaria came into play. But this personnel measure also did not freight: Furthermore, Gladbacher attack actions were predictable and faulty in the defensive. At the third goal, the guests had their own corner. Many One made a very bad figure.

The second division twelve had little effort to keep the Russia away from his own penalty area. And if once a shot slipped through, aim was a sovereign restraint. The few visitors celebrated the keeper with speech choirs. 96-coach Christoph Borowski could even afford to take his double goalkeepers from the field to the conservation after 72 minutes.

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