Gladbach: Thats why Adi Hütter was not released

After the blaming in the secondary final of the DFB Cup against second division Hanover 96, the tree is burning at Borussia Mönchengladbach Lichterloh. With each game becomes clearer that the chemistry between the squad and trainer ADI Hunter simply does not match. A comment.

Granted — Fan-Tweets hold in as an objective evaluation criterion only in the most tallest cases. Even after the Gladbacher total failure against Hanover 96 (0: 3), the network bubbled in front of anger contributions, which were not a few under the waist line.

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Radio-presenter Lisa Tellers met the nail with her tweet and spoke to many fans of Russia from the soul. In a few weeks, the work for 10 good years to destroy and hit with feet, you have to do that, she wrote and added the contribution with the sarcastic addition respect together with upscale thumb.

Playback a descent candidate

And indeed: In the current constitution Playback is a relegation candidate — away win against a decimated FC Bayern for the second round start. If Manager Max Ebert and the coach ADI Hunter, which is already charted for many trailers, does not succeed in the turnaround, no even negative scenario is excluded.

That Ebert keeps up to Hunter so far, should also have to deal with the exorbitant transfer, which flossed for the change of the Austrian to Frankfurt. At 7.5 million euros, she should sit down.

Speaking of Iron: Sole Playback now also fails against the molded Union Berlin on the weekend, the tear must be drawn.

After that, Elementary’s important six-point games against Armenia Bielefeld and FC Augsburg are on the program.

Playback: Outward throw of ADI Hunter actually overdue

Correctly, one can not be the outsider, like one of all by-board scavenges, despite still high-caliber squad and a previously for his offensive football coach such as Hunter can harmonize as little. But it is as it is.

And since a team can not be completely replaced in winter, the simpler approach will be to change the exercise manager upon further failure.

Actually a long overdue measure, there would be only 7.5 million euros.

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