Max Kruse bakes Andreas Voglsammer and announces a party

When the referee Deniz Akin put an end to the Berlin City Berry, there were only two central statistics in which Union Berlin was up. The Irises had won the majority of two-fighting (54 percent) — and they also had the nose in the most important discipline, the goal shooting.

Although Bertha BSC was by no means credited, after all, the old lady had left nothing unturned after a weak initial phase and union had brought union into the Redouble in the meantime — in the end, the team of Trainer Taken Workout had to recognize that.

The Iron Celebrations — but only until we are ready with the shower

Participated Max Ruse called the progress of his team and immediately announced: We celebrate until we are ready with the shower. Despite the catchment in the quarterfinals, it was not planned, because on Saturday is already a trend-setting game in Playback.

If Union also exist there, the FCU could jump on a Champions League Square. That this does not come from about, Union also showed on Wednesday evening — especially in the initial phase. Even with the impetus, the Köpenick stood on the accelerator pedal and gave three shots in the first 60 seconds, ten minutes later Hertha-Goalwart Alexander Schools was beaten. Andreas Voglsammer had directed a crude flank with a fantastic direct acceptance and cheering Union for the first time.

Does Union come to the Olympic Stadium again?

I think he did not expect himself, Ruse said later and laughed — knowledgeable that Voglsammer has to do the same in the same way, so he goes in.

In fact, it was a genius stroke that brought the Union er in leadership. Before the break, they had to survive the one or the other burning situation, but after the start of the rest, they increased (50th) and also had a response to the ballot (54th).

Ultimately, the Team of Urs Fischer Simply was more effective — and could give his business card again in the Olympic Stadium in May. Then the final in the Berlin West end rises.

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