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The Gaming Half Life is as well known as popular. A game that is oriented to this and is inspired by old sci-fi classics such as aliens or the thing from another world, so it can only be good – right?

So at least the plan of the developer studio Cogwheel software. Hidden Deep is a dark, aliens teeming action game, which wants to invite players to an exciting and creepy adventure.

In the 2D perspective climbs and swims through Submarine caves to solve the puzzles that lurk in the deep, and clarify the disappearance of your crew members. However, caution is required. Because under the seabed there are creatures that are all but friendly to you.

All sorts of crawling, crawling, flying and wobbing species that you have to defend you while in dark corridors and flooded vaults fight for your life.

The game would like to drive a realistic rail, especially a realistic rail and immerse yourself as low as possible in the story. How well that works and if too much realism breaks the game, we were able to test in the Early Access.

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20,000 miles under the sea

In a research station, a lot can go wrong. Source: PC Games As deep as Captain Nemo in Jules Vernes novel are not in Hidden Deep. However, it is less dangerous in the research facility deep below the seabed.

After the contact is broken into a research group, which wanted to examine strange occurrences in depth, it is up to you to clarify the events and save the survivors.

Here you have to search for different tools such as scanners, explosives and drones paths through the branched cave system. But in the unexplored territories, we expect you to expect you to see a delicious snack or a fresh host in you a delicious snack.

To defy us can you with different firearms in the classic 2D shooter gameplay. In addition, depending on the mission, there is the possibility to switch between different figures that have different skills.

For example, you are able to use cranes and vehicles for example with technicians to transport heavy equipment and expose new corridors. The interaction of the various character classes is therefore essential for the success of the mission.


Especially through the combat system and the presentation, Hidden Deep is sometimes very much reminiscent of the adventures of Samus Aran. The buckling of the aliens is very similar and also exploring the dark and full of dangers lurking caves triggers similar vibes.

Overall, Hidden Deep is far from being a metroidvania. But what is not bad, because after all, that does not want. It would like to convince much more with your own gameplay opportunities and makes it for the most part very well.

Your tools facilitate your missions. Source: PC Games Instead of bouncing gameplay, the game focuses much more on exploration and the creative benefit of own possibilities. The tools that are available to you are very extensive and each has its special field of application.

With the drone, you can examine unexplored areas, the Terra scanner reveals hidden caves, and the tracker helps you find missing people. The most important tool is the gripping hook. With him you can rake of cliffs or overcome steep walls and he is definitely the most useful feature of the game.

And: The thing fully relies on – apparent – realism. If you mean: How to use the gripping hook, physics-based is calculated. The developers have generally made a lot of effort to make the game as a realistic as possible. But that does not mean that thereby the gaming experience is absolutely upgraded.

If real, then right

Actually, the realistic staging is really good. The movements are largely organic and look like this. And even in physics was very oriented with earthly science, be it the buoyancy force of the water or the vibration behavior of a crane.

Unfortunately, this was not consistently implemented everywhere. At least it would be very surprising if a explosive body in the real world would only blow up a candle holed column in the ground.

When exploring the caves your creativity is in demand. Source: PC Games In addition, the gameplay often suffers very much under the realistic physics. This would be again with the importance of gripping hook. The game often takes realism so carefully that at a jump of about 2 meters because of case damage the temporal blesses, which does not speak for the skills of the cave researcher.

Also the strip of a wall, while with perceived 5 km / h vibrates through a cave, can lead to death in bad moments.

The fact that there are no checkpoints during the up to 60 minutes of missions and you have to play again from the front as soon as you have lost all his lives, this mechanics makes even more annoying. In addition, your character does not seem to be the brightest.

Hidden Deep? More like Hidden Depp

With technicians you can use all sorts of equipment. Source: PC Games Because in addition to the non-well-balanced physics, arbitrary gameplay problems often offer frustration potential. Often it happens that the character is unable to overcome a slope that would not be a problem even at the load bike in reverse gear.

Even with the jumps, he sometimes arises really stupidly, and as soon as a wall is only slightly higher than the already very small jump height, the gripping hook must already be used again.

Although you have the opportunity to place ropes permanently on protrusions. Since your characterwork usually does not manage to climb the rock jump then, this feature does not really use something.

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