Before HSV-St. Pauli: The power question in Hamburg

When the unimaginable significantly evoked on 3 September 1977, it became apparent how far the two city rivals were actually apart from each other. The small FC St. Pauli had won in the People’s Park at the Great Neighbor, peppered with stars as Manfred Balkan, Felix Math or Kevin Keegan, 2: 0, and the fans of Hamburg SV are simply overflowed, agreed full of hems in the St, Pauli calls of the few guests.

What’s incredible today and is too, was simply explained about 44 years ago: Although for the first time in professional football in a league, both clubs turned worlds. St. Pauli was not perceived as a serious counterparty, had no fan culture yet for a year in the House of House and the HSV has just won the European Cup. What changed in the following years was the emerging rivalry, which remained, was the sporting ranking.

That’s exactly how this is in this season, at the end of which could be historical. Today’s Friday is trend-setting. And becomes the power question.

Between 1988 and 1991, both clubs played for three years in a league, at that time still in the upper house, four years and they were never very classified in succession. This is a first sign for the significant approach. But: never stated St. Pauli since the introduction of the Bundesliga in a final table in the city ranking. Since five Derbys Kiezklub is unbeaten and operated as a city master, in this season also since the 1st match day before the HSV. That this could be in the end so is not an unrealistic scenario. Like the possibility that St. Pauli rises and the HSV remains second-class.

Would the class difference in exchanged roles already the answer to the power question on the Elbe? Carsten Weizmann is a native Hamburg and was a goalkeeper between 1996 and 2002 in both professional clubs of the city under contract. Today’s sports chief of promotion competitor Darmstadt 98 says: The most recent balance and also the current table constellation expresses that St. Pauli has caught up athletic to HSV Easy. A derby victory as in the first leg is now no more sensation, both of which are at eye level. However, the 49-year-old does not see that the big HSV can become the small neighbor. The size of the HSV is not measurable in the current sporty events alone, but is also due to the past and the many titles won.

Stanislavsky’s dream: Van Nistelrooy and He Roberto am Millerntor

Even in the event that both clubs would swap the roles in the coming summer, the election-darmstädter says: The HSV would remain the larger club in a city where both clubs can live very well next to each other because they have little cutting volumes. No fans would change the camps, both also have special radiance beyond the city limits. The HSV due to its great successes in the glorious times and
St. Pauli because of his very own identity.

Jonas Bold argues similar. The sports board of HSV has been in the Hanseatic city since 2019, has not recovered any derby and see both clubs very contrary to each other. He is sure: The HSV fan would not change the pages when St. Pauli would play in the Bundesliga in the next season, and we continue to play in the 2nd league. There would be
Maybe neutral football interested, then a game of St. Pauli against Dortmund or Bavaria would prefer a second division home game of us, but our fans would not overflow.

It is not available to values ​​DAR victories as a change of security.

One divine

But the economic conditions could move further. 2010/11, at the last Bundesliga guest performance of FC St. Pauli, the coach and Libidos Holder Stanislavsky still, it was a dream, that the HSV with stars like
Rued Van Nistelrooy and He Roberto runs here at our Millerntor, and pressed for power relations that no longer apply.

If HSV sports director Michael Mutual talks about a 430 percent university reduction and says, the distance to established second division is no longer given, then he is not aware of the city neighbor by name, but tells him. While the HSV has also led that the royal transfers of the two previous year’s Moritz Hair, Jonas Effect or Sebastian Scholar and came from Osnabrück, was in the summer 2020 in the summer 2020 in the summer 2020 in the summer 2020 Location, Guido Burgs taller from FC Schalke, albeit with ex-club encouraging.

Published St. Pauli this year the sporty overtaking maneuver, this would cause the once cemented economic order as well. And automatically put the power question.

Schultz: HSV will always remain the bigger club

On Friday (18.30, live! At clubs) in the People’s Park can be set. For the outcome of this season. And the closer future. One Divine, of course, wants to know at least officially nothing. It is not for us to value Derby victories as a change of security, says St. Pauli’s President. That sounds like that understatement, which traditionally fits the underdog image of brown-white, and just this card plays the music entrepreneur further: The HSV, he says, is a large club for decades, and we are the district association, and we are the district associate Whoever tries to improve. We are likely to be the small quarters, which also breaks new things. And if we are with the new sometimes before the big neighbor, then we are pleased.

His coach argues similar. For Time Schultz, the differences between the two neighbors start in the starting positions, which are completely different. And in his opinion, it will continue to continue. Alone due to the history, the HSV will always remain the larger club in Hamburg. We performed many steps in the past few years, but I will rewrite me to talk about a change of security.

We started a cool project one and a half years ago and see that we put the sport even more in the center.

Time Schultz


Schultz has been at the millennia since 2005. At that time he played with St. Pauli in the Regionally Word against the reserve of HSV. The typical understatement is not foreign to him, and yet he makes it clear that something has changed that it is no longer primarily about being something other club.

We started a cool project one and a half years ago and see that we put the sport even more in the center. This has already led to this that the power question in Hamburg is more open than ever.

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