Wow Patch 9.2: New resource of cosmic flux

If patch 9.2 comes to the live servers from WOW, the game we have also seen in the past patch 9.1. We make our way to a new area and farm a new resource to further upgrade our Legendary’s. The new resource in Earth Morris is called cosmic flux. But there are some changes compared to previous updates.

So we need cosmic flux this time not only for the upheaval of Legendary’s but also for the production of animal set items outside the RAID. In addition, there will no longer be the resource only from a source, as it was the case with soul ash and soul gut. In Patch 9.2 we have a variety of ways open, as we can cosmic flux.

Cosmic Flux – for that we need the resource

Currently, we require cosmic flux on the PTR for two things: Legendary’s and Animal Set Items. However, the production of the latter via the Creation Catalyst Forge is not yet implemented. Therefore, it is still unclear how much cosmic flux we require there. The production and upgrade of Legendary’s is already available. Here we need cosmic flux currently only for the final stage (from rank 6 rank 7)

  • Upgrade an existing legendary to rank 7, costs you 2,000 cosmic flux.
  • create a new legendary in rank 7, costs you 2,000 cosmic flux, 1.650 soul gut and 5,150 soul ash .

So you want to upgrade your existing legendary, you only require the new resource. For the production of a completely new legendary, on the other hand, soul ash and soul glow continue to be needed.

Cosmic Flux – Here I get the resource

In contrast to soul gut and soul ash, which still only gives to get over Toughest, we have a lot of sources available for cosmic flux – including the endless tower.

Cosmic Flux from Toughest

From Level 13 (with patch 9.2 other levels are added in Toughest) you will also receive cosmic flux in addition to soul ash and soul glow.

  • Level 13: 70kosmic Flux (30 soul ash, 30 soul glow)
  • Level 14: 10kosmic Flux (30 soul ash, 30 soul glow)
  • Level 15: 10kosmic Flux (30 soul ash, 30 soul glow)
  • Level 16: 10kosmic Flux (30 soul ash, 30 soul glows)

Of course, you always get the rewards of all underlying levels in addition. So who successfully completes Toughest at level 16, receives a total of 100 cosmic flux, 470 soul glows and 1150 soul ash.

Cosmic Flux from Earth Morris

Of course, you can also use the new resource in the new area from Patch 9.2 – even from various sources.

  • unique treasure chests: 200kosmic flux
  • Daily treasure chests: 75 cosmic flux
  • Repeatable treasure chests: 12cosmic flux
  • Rare opponents: 50 to 75 cosmic flux
  • Daily quest: 75 cosmic flux
  • Weekly Quest (currently available on the PTR twice a week): 200 cosmic flux

So if you play a lot in Earth Morris, you will inside a bunch of cosmic flux.

Cosmic flux from dungeons, PVP and RAID

In addition to Earth Morris and Toughest, there are other ways to get to the new resource.

  • Mythical-Plus Dungeons: 100Kosmic Flux
  • Involved Arena: 345 Cosmic Flux (Detained)
  • Mausoleum of the first: Currently no cosmic flux

Incidentally, the height of the key stone does not play any role in the dungeons – there is the same amount on each stage. The amount of reward from the evaluated arena is likely to change, as it seems far too high and could not be tested.

Incidentally, in the mausoleum of the first, no loot is dropped out of the equipment – for example no anima. But here is pretty sure what will follow. How much cosmic flux will ultimately be per boss and whether we can get the resource once in any degree of difficulty, it still has to turn out.

Do you find it good that your cosmic flux can get from almost all endgame activities and no longer exclusively about a source?

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