Blizzard Developer Overwatch 2 delay is due to Bobby Cotton CEO

Activision Bleeds Bra Bobby Cotton CEOs have been controversial that the company’s share price plunged last year in interview with Camembert, not in-house sexuality, but Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 release delays were affected. Developers who are making overwatch 2 in Blizzard were refuted to cottage CEO remarks.

Tracy Kennedy, who is working as an overwatch 2 game producers, expressed the article that contains the remarks that appeared on the 20th, and the remarks described above,

According to this, Bobby Cotton CEO indicates that to overwatch development team has been instructed to develop an unpublished project related to one piece, and the development team for several months did not reach the second hand on the new project. Nonetheless, the new project was canceled, and the development team has been fabricated. In other words, the delayed overwatch 2 is due to the wrong decision of cottage CEO. Nevertheless, it was pointed out that the CEO has an overwatch 2 delay influenced the share price decline, he said.

The conflict between the Activision Blizzard executives and employees represented by Barbie Cotton CEO is continuing after the MS acquisition is announced. According to what the Local Medium, the Local Medium, such as Washington Post, Kodak, Cotton CEO was a video conference with Activision CEO on MS Acquirement in the morning of the 20th (local standard). However, in advance, the employee was not answered by the employee, the answer to the in-house sex lime, Raven Software QA strike, and I am trying to maintain as many employees, he said.

Some Activision Bleeds’ employees are also looking forward to MS side management to acquire the company. However, the Xbox Gaming Phil Spencer CEO said through an interview with the Washington Post, Honestly, it is not a lot of experience in the union, he said, I worked at Microsoft (MS) as a specialist for 33 years. None, but it is most important to talk about giving the autonomy to make the best work in the creative industry.

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