Hammer Entertainment Park Jung-gyu, representative,

Game Developer Hammer Entertainment Park Jungfrau, who was a violation of the Labor Law in the 20th.


Hammer Entertainment has been involved in a resolution of unpaid wages since 2018, and has been activated including employment labor complaints, Cheng Wei DAE Petition, civil lawsuits. In this process, Park Jungfrau of Hammer Entertainment was prosecuted for the prosecution for violation of the labor standards. And the consequences of the trial on January 20, the prison of the two-year-old type of prison, and the Park’s representative has been legally responsible.

As a result of the coverage, about 50 people accumulated by the accumulated victims, the victims are confirmed to be about 1.5 billion won in wage. A former employee who have not been settled for a wage of more than 40 million won said, The representative was legally punished, but he did not receive the money, he said, he said, He said,

Meanwhile, Hammer Enterprise has developed a mobile game last year At that time, the company has been submitted to the process of submitting the service to the process with suspended the service with the license agreement with the Daemon Media.

However, the Crew shall, about the claim of the Hammer Enter, said, The service interruption has been a one-sided measure of the hammer entering, he has been able to maintain the server after the termination of the contract, he said, he said, he said, The invisible thing is that it is a hammer enter.

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