The best World of Warcraft has changed the house

GILDA LIMIT – the best or second-best World of Warcraft guild for the world has changed the organization.

(the last rally won Echo, but Limit grew the two previous world firm, so it’s really hard to indicate which of these clans is better).

The new home Americans will be Liquid – a well-known organization that has top teams and top Counter Strike players: Global Offensive, Valorant, PUBG or Hearthstone.

It’s nice that among such social cream also included a place for MMO games.

We spent many months when preparing for this trip, setting ambitious goals and seeking experienced adventurers who will join our team. To reach where we have never been before, the limits must be exceeded.

We are pleased to announce that Guild Limit became one of Team Liquid!


Guild Limit consists of absolute legends and is a Raiding Gilda No. 1 in World of Warcraft. If anyone can lead us to victory in MMO’s space, these are these people, and we are ready to support them in every possible way.

Guild Limit, I’m sorry, Liquid guild will receive the best conditions for playing and development to once again dominate the Rally Scene World of Warcraft.

The first test will patch 9.2 and the new Rally The Sepulcher of the First Ones with eleven potential bosses to overcome. Unfortunately, Blizzard still did not announce when this update will enter servers.

One of the World Permit Limit:

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