Blizzard is already working on a survival game for consoles and PC

And so out of nowhere, Blizzard Entertainment announced that they are already working on a completely new project, alien to any of its existing franchises. Apparently, it will be a survival degree set in a new universe and here you can see some of their first images.

This title will be available for consoles and PC at some point of the future, and we still do not know if it will be exclusive to Xbox or not. At the moment Blizzard has not given many details about it, but it is expected that that can change in the not too distant future.

Beyond this revelation, Blizzard overtaken that players can venture into an extensive kingdom full of possibilities and shared what seems to be the first image of the game, which we use for the note.

Because the project is still in very early stages of its development, Blizzard continues to recruit designers, graphic artists, and other employees.


Editor’s note: Blizzard definitely did not waste time, but the bad news with this type of ad is that surely there is still a lot of time to have some kind of novelty about it, and nor do you say about playing it.

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