The Division Meets Avatar? First gameplay to Avatar Reckoning

Almost exactly two weeks ago Tencent and Disney announced the new Avatar Reckoning action game for mobile platforms. At that time, there was talk of a “MMO RPG Shooter”, more detailed about content or even first gameplay scenes, however, there was no look – so far. Because now is available a video that gives you a taste of the game.

First gameplay from Avatar Reckoning

However, the mentioned video does not come from Disney or Tencent, but from the YouTube channel “Tech amazing”: With 16 minutes it is relatively long and presents numerous excerpts from the mobile shooter. First, you can see a closer look at the character editor , with the help of which you can create the protagonist of your choice. This is followed by an introductory sequence including a helicopter fight against the flying on Pandora.

Avatar Reckoning Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS) - Part 1

The Division on Pandora

The first few minutes remember the first avatar movie in coarse approaches, in the further course there are even more gameplay scenes to see. The game character receives its first equipment, learns the basic game mechanics and then pulls in the first big fight. Again and again bonds to the online shooter The Division are visible, such as the cover mechanics and parts of the interface.

It also occurs mainly at the intermediate sequences that the game is still in an early stage of development. Again and again, bucklers are seen, unsightly image fragments and other graphics problems . However, to get a first impression of Avatar Reckoning, the video is very good. A concrete release date for Avatar Reckoning has not yet exist. The publication of the mobile shooter is relatively vague planned for the year 2022 on Android and iOS platforms.

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