Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to get merit points and what are they used

While you submerge in Pokémon Legends: Areas, you can discover various types of coins in the game. One of these is called merit points. They are useful to get many important items. Here is How to get merit points and for what are used in Pokémon Legends: Areas.

How to get merit points

Merit points can be achieved by returning the portfolios to other real-life trainers who lost them. These bags are found throughout the HIS UI region and, once returned to the coach, worth merit points.

Wallets can be found on the world map of His. It is useful to use a marker to mark the place where the portfolio dropped so that it can be directed directly towards it. Simply press A while standing in front of the lost portfolio to pick it up and return it to the owner.

However, this will not give you merit points automatically. You must enter the wireless communication menu, select «Lost & Found» and select the portfolio that returned to claim your reward. Most lost portfolios give between 50 and 100 points.

what merit points are used

Merit points can be spent on the commercial post of Jubilee Village at the top right of the village. This can be used after completing four missions in the main history of the game.

When talking to the Trading Outpost merchant, Simona, you can say “I want to get articles” and she will show you several items in which she can spend the MP of her. These are the items that you can buy and how much they cost:

  • Poke bola – 10MP
  • Oval stone – 400MP
  • Link cable: 1000 MP
  • Rare caramel – 1,000mp
  • Update – 1,000mp
  • Metal coating: 1000MP
  • Stone Fire – 1,000mp
  • Thunder stone – 1,000mp
  • Water stone – 1,000mp
  • Stone leaf – 1,000mp
  • Ice stone – 1,000mp
  • Solar stone – 1,000mp
  • Lunar stone – 1,000mp
  • Dawn Stone – 1,200MP
  • Dusk stone – 1,200MP
  • Bright stone – 1200MP
  • Knife Fang – 1,400MP
  • Shaving Claw – 1,400MP
  • Doubtful disco – 1,400MP
  • Cup cloth – 1,400MP
  • Protector – 1,400MP
  • Electrifier – 1,400MP
  • Magyarize: 1400 MP

As you can see, the merit points can be used to buy many important evolution items.

That’s all you need to know about How to get merit points and what are used in Pokémon Legends: Areas. To get more tips and tricks, be sure to check our wiki from the Pokémon Legends guide: Areas.

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