Drag is the drag queen

Within the LGBTQIA + scene there are many sub-cultures. A little more acquaintance with the many someday could come into contact are drag queens. In recent years, the platform was getting bigger for that, which is mainly due to the streaming of drag-competition shipments such as Rupaul’s Drag Race and Dragula and the Growing Twitch Communities.

Now the scene also arrives in video games. Because a small studio called Fighting Chance Games has announced a new Kickstarter project that represents the culture slightly differently. Behind Drag , namely, hides a beating game with Drag Queens and Drag Kings as fighters that place on the Runway one on the cap.

Drag here connects drag culture with beating games

So that you can get a feeling for the game, here is the first Kickstarter trailer:

It’s about it : Drag is a bouncing game with a hand-animated 2D look in which you can fight one against one against drag artists. But each figure has its own moves and it’s about emptying the lifebark aka the lipstick of the opponents with attacks.

With versus mode, it will be very classic locally and online to compete against each other. For the latter, the studio has already announced a rollback code or backroll code – drag race fans will understand the allusion. In addition, there should be a full campaign as well as a training mode. The game will go with six stages to start.

These are the drag artists : For the game drag, drag queens and drag kings have been announced to all possible directions. The developers * inside are due to diversity:

  • playable characters

* ** Alaska 5000 ** - known from Drag Race Season 5, All Stars 2
* ** Asia O'Hara ** - known from Drag Race Season 10, Drag Race Vegas Revue
* ** Kim Chi ** \ - known from Drag Race Season 8
* ** Laganja Estranja ** - known from Drag Race Season 6
* ** Landon Cider ** - known from the boulet Brothers Dragula Season 3
* ** Manila Luzon ** - known from Drag Race Season 3, All Stars 1 & 4
  • helper characters
    • Jiggly Caliente – known from Drag Race Season 4, All Stars 6, Pose
    • Tammie Brown – known from Drag Race Season 1, All-Stars 1
  • non-playable characters

The Worst Drag Race Scandals
* Meatball – from The Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 1

When should the game appear? Currently the Kickstarter campaign for the game still runs and tries to reach $ 69,999. Should the campaign be successful, the release is planned for the first quarter 2024.

Not yet for console : Drag should only appear for the PC for the time being, but at least for ways to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch. With a free demo you can already try the whole thing now.

What does Drag mean? Classic is the name for dressing up as girls (as women dressing up). Earlier, Drag Queens were mostly mostly gay men who have occurred in shows in bars or matching competitions. In the meantime, however, the culture has grown significantly and no matter what orientation or what sexual identity – everyone can do drag and interpret it for themselves. In addition to drag queens, there is drag kings that correspond to a male picture.

The opinion of the editors

I started unexposed last year to look Rupaul’s Drag Race after a buddy forced me. Although I do not necessarily like such shows, I liked it that much that I’ve looked over 15 squadrons on drag shows in recent months, many queens away from the top of it and dealing with the topic.

Therefore, the surprise is all the greater that there will be a game that will include some of the known queens from the shipments. At the point I would even have taken every genre that it is also just a beating game, makes me all the happier.

In addition, the developers show * inside that they are really fans of drag culture. Not only do they have different drag forms and also a drag king, but also pay attention to diversity in their cast. Instead of perhaps just taking the most popular Queens from Drag Race, the variety seems to be in the foreground so far – as it should be.

The credit card is already pressed and now I just hope that the game reaches its goal. For me, now it does not matter if the gameplay offers enough depth or are certain combo possibilities. I’m just looking forward to making the competition with Kim Chi in the day team with Jiggly Caliente.

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