Speculation on Goldeneye 007 grows after a new provocation

LEAKED NEWS! Goldeneye 007 N64 version on XBOX FINALLY happening!
Speculations on a new re-launch of the Nintendo 64 Classic Shooter ojo _ojo 007 has grown following a mockery of a new reporter. In recent months, a list of achievements for an Xbox version of ojo dorado 007 appeared online, which instantly caused theories that the game could return in some way. While we have not yet received any kind of official word regarding a new port of the game, a recent provocation has led many fans to believe that the news could arrive soon.

In a recent message on Twitter, the reporter of the videogame industry, Andy Robinson, mocked that a “super spy” of some kind will return in the near future. Robinson said nothing at all about ojo 007 on the tweet of him, but the fact that he mentioned a spy immediately made the fans believe that the classic shooting game of James Bond could be the game he was referring. Robinson did not say anything else about this specific situation, but he does mail a photo with a friend where he could see that friend using a clock that showed the same face as he seen in _ojo _ojo.

One of the reasons why Robinson could be aware of the news about ojo 007 return is because he has connections with the study that created the original game. Robinson himself used to work for Playtonic Games, which is a company composed mainly by many developers who once worked at Rare. As you know, Rare is the study she created ojo 007 for Nintendo 64 when she was launched in 1997. With this in mind, it would not be exaggerated that Robinson had some internal knowledge about a new version of ojo 007 releasing before time.

For now, there are literally no formal ads to ask when it comes to a new port of ojo 007 coming about however, if that ends up changing “in the coming weeks,” we will make sure to keep you informed here at comicbook.com.

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