Dragon Ball Super Art presenta Final Fantasy a Gohan y Trunks

The story of Future Trunks is often considered one of the most emotional stories within the SHONEN series of Dragon Ball Z, showing the fans how Vegeta’s son survived the assault against the Androids 17 and 18 and finally he could not save his life Of his mentor, Gohan. Now, an artist fan has taken the Saiyan hybrid warriors of an alternative timeline and has given them an image change similar to that of the Final Fantasy series, since Gohan and Trunks are drawn in Cloud styles, Squall and many others Characters of Square Enix games.

GOHAN CONFIRMED for Dragon Ball Super Super Hero?

While the future version of Gohan died during the battle against the version of the Androids of the Timeline of It, Trunks could travel to the past and help Z Fighters to end the Androids and the biological nightmare known as Cell. Although he did not return to help in the fight against Majin Buu, Trunks would eventually return in the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super to help in the battle against Goku Black and the Kaioshin rogue known as Zamasu. Currently, apparently there are no plans to bring back the future version of Trunks, since he does not see it in any promotional video for Dragon Ball Super: Superhéroe.

The Hichamhabchi fan artist took the opportunity to combine the aesthetics of Future Gohan and Trunks with the Final Fantasy series designs, which will normally follow heroes and completely new worlds that have a series of recurring elements that link them to all with the game in Constant expansion. Serie:

Dragon Ball Super does not look towards the future in its current history, but towards the past, since the new Granolah character has several links with the Saiyajin breed and the crazy despot known as Frieza. Undressing an ax to fight against Goku and Vegeta, the last bow has given us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the past of Bardock and how he might not have been as bad as other saiyajin who were on devastating planets. With fanatics theorizing that we could see Bardock Back to life, Dragon Ball Super has put high expectations for the conclusion of Granolah The Survivor ARC.

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