Hideo Kojima now has podcast

Hideo Kojima: The mind behind varant of death, _ a myriad of Metal Games Gear Solid and the super creepy demonstration _pt – now has its own podcast. The Kojima podcast in question is titled “Hideo Kojima’s Radiovese” and you can hear it through Amazon Audible as new episodes are launched. There is only one episode available at this time, but presumably the rest of the episodes of the podcast are only in Japanese, so it might not be too accessible so that all the Kojima fanatics.

The Podcast can be seen here through the Amazon Audible page. A preview of the content that will cover «Hideo Kojima’s Radioverse» says the program will speak with different guests on several topics related to games and movies, according to a propaganda on the podcast (through CVG). When you are not tuned over games, you will most likely be tuned about movies, so the topics that will cover the podcast seem to be the perfect for them to discuss the guests.

The first episode of the Kojima podcast is already live and presents the Japanese Youtube Canal 2bro. Since it is in Japanese, those who do not speak fluently will have to wait for relevant fragments of the conversations to be connected online after the episodes are transmitted, although, of course, we have to be careful with the translation, or the bad translation, rather. It should be as well as the information is shared.

Kojima himself has been causing one or two new projects during the last months. One of the most intriguing tweets on the subject was shared at the beginning of the new year last month and made fun of some kind of “radical project”, although in the typical style of Kojima, little else has been said about it since then.

“This year, I will begin a new work seriously and I will go to the next level of experimentation with a radical project,” said Kojima on Twitter this weekend. “I also hope to start the video team. And can I start doing something like a radio project? »

Hideo Kojima reveals Metal Gear Solid V at GDC 2013 HD
His most recent game that has been launched is Varaming of death. He was followed by a “director’s cut” of the game, and not long ago, that same version of Death Stranding director was also confirmed for a version for PC. That version of the game will come out in March.

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