Sonic Frontiers will have “new combat styles”

While _ FRONTERAS SÓNICAS_ will not be launched until the end of this year, Sega is starting to open the Sonic Team’s newest title curtain. In an interview with Gameradar, the creative director of Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka, offered some interesting advice about the new game. As in most Sonic titles, fronteras, it will put a great emphasis on the speed of the character, and players can expect to see him use that ability of new ways. Apparently, Sonic Team has searched for new “combat styles” for sonicares that could offer great change with respect to previous games.

“We pay close attention so that all the little details of Sonic are correct to make sure that the speed and characteristic characteristics of Sonic remain constant in each iteration of the game,” said Iizuka to Gamesradar. «With _ FRONTERAS SÓNICAS_ We will present new combat styles to bring the characteristic skill of Sonic to the battlefield, and the new exploration options obviously play with its iconic veloz nature».

It is not difficult to imagine some of the ways in which Sonic’s speed could be implemented even more in combat. During the last three decades, the character’s skills have evolved a lot from the original Games of Sega Genesis, and it is possible fronteras could offer the next great evolution. In one way or another, it will definitely be interesting to see where Sonic Team plans to carry the franchise!

Last year he scored the 30th anniversary of the original. Sonic Erizo, and Sega initially intended to launch the new game as part of that celebration. However, the company made the decision to promote front of Sonica backwards, in order to improve overall quality. Given the mixed reaction that accompanied the launch of 2017 _ Sonic, makes a lot of sense that Sonic Team wants to take his time to make sure this game goes well. Hopefully, that decision will be the best!

Ronteras sonic will be launched at the end of this year in Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. Meanwhile, you can consult our coverage of everything related to Sonic here.

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