2. League, 21st Game Day: Schalke and Bremen celebrate victories

The FC Schalke 04 and Werder Bremen celebrated victories on the 21st matchday of the 2nd league. The royal blue sat down with 2: 1 (0: 1) against Jahn Regensburg. Werder hit the Karlsruhe SC with 2: 1 (0: 0). In the evening game “Wintermeister” FC St. Pauli remained without victory.

St. Pauli loses more and more momentum in the ascent race. The hamburgers had to satisfy themselves on Saturday night against the SC Paderborn with a 2: 2 (2: 1) and let the chance to jump to the top of the table at the fifth game in series without victory. Darmstadt 98 can move away on Sunday (13.30 pm / sky) in the top game against the Hamburg SV.

After 1: 2 last in Derby at HSV, a victory was almost duty for St. Pauli to return. Maximilian Dittgen (5.) succeeded the early leadership, but Paderborn rewarded for a printing phase with the compensation: Dennis Srbeny (37.) achieved with the 20th commitment finally his first goal this season, in the past season he had 16 times hit.

St. Pauli did not first think that the next good attack was already sat again. Etienne amenyido (43) locked a combination of the left side freestanding to 2: 1. Guests had a slatted shot of Kai Proeger Pech (66th), but they did not give up: Marco Stiepermann (84th) met for renewed compensation.

Paderborn has won only one of the past eight league games, but attracted its minimal chance to the relegation place three.

Schalke turns game in the second half

The Schalker won the persecutor duel against Regensburg despite a break residue by a performance increase at the beginning of the final phase and moved in succession by its second success one after the other into the top group. Regensburg, on the other hand, can hardly last after his second game in a row without victory, still with the leading teams.

Andreas Albers had taken the guests with his third goal of the season (18th). But Simon Terodde (64.) With his 15th goal of the season and Malick Thiaw (73.), the encounter turned the match in favor of the long driving-acting seats.

“It was not easy to turn the game,” Torjäger Terodde said after the final whistle on SKY microph1. The 33-year-old did not escape the defects in the presentation of his team in the first section: “We have to talk about the first half.”

More self-confidence missed Schalke before pause with bad luck. A free kick of the Dutcher Thomas Ouwejan from the right attack side sailed over the Regensburg defense and hit the latte of the Jahn-Gate.

Shortly thereafter, Albers shocked the scarce with the Regensburg leadership after the hosts had not consistently defended enough ball loss in midfield. Schalke did not find a recipe for a long time against the skilful Southern Germans.

Even after the break, Schalke did not necessarily play. First Terodde burst in the team of Dimitrios Grammozis through his third goal in the third game after the turn of the year in series the knots burst, before Thiaw sealed the sixth home win of Gelsenkirchen.

“It was not easy to turn the game,” Torjäger Terodde said after the final whistle on SKY microph1. The 33-year-old did not escape the defects in the presentation of his team in the first section: “We have to talk about the first half.”

Marvin Ducksch brings Werder Bremen on course

Meanwhile, coach Ole Werner has continued with Werder his performance series and reached half a dozen victories in order. Torjäger Marvin Ducksch (51.) met for the leadership for the North Germans. It was the twelfth goal for the attacker, who was successful under Werner for the sixth time.

Philipp Hofmann (59.) succeeded in surprising compensation for the Baden, who could previously had little accents in the offensive. Anthony Jung (76th) met for the victory for the SVW.

“I’m proud, it’s not self-evident that you gain games,” Werner said at SKY.

Through the threesome, the Werderaner first climbed in second place. However, FC St. Pauli can once again conquer the second rank against the SC Paderborn.

Niclas Füllkrug (21.) Observed the first opportunity for the hosts in the balanced game. His header to flank of Milos Veljkovic missed the KSC gate.

Seven minutes later, Ducksch already had the 1-0 after a mistake of Philip heise on the foot, but his somewhat excited shot also missed the housing.

Setting the Karlsruhe could not involve the ex-Bremer Benjamin Goller. A clause in his contract with the KSC prevents the use against his ex-club.

Sandhausen wins basement duel

Meanwhile, the SV Sandhausen won the basement duel against Erzgebirge Aue with 2: 0 (1: 0) and thus enlarged the distance to the Saxons on five points. Cebio Soukou (44.) achieved the 1-0 for the hosts by trademeter after video proof. Preceded was a controversial hand game of Anthony Barylla.

In the 69th minute Christian Kinsombi (69th) increased for the Baden-Württemberg. The SVS moved as a table-sixteenth to lockers with Fortuna Düsseldorf at position 15. In contrast, Aue continued the negative trend of the last weeks. In the last seven games there was only one point for the FC Erzgebirge.

For Sandhausen it was the first home win this season after three draws and six bankruptcies at home. Even the first leg in Aue had chosen Sandhausen with 3: 1 for themselves. The fact that the last point match of the sand houses was lagging for three weeks, did not turn out to be a handicap.

In the 56th minute, the guests had a double opportunity through Dirk Carlson and Prince Osei Owusu, but the shots were blocked immediately before the goal line.

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2. League: the table

Place Team Sp. Goals Diff Pkt.
1. Darmstadt 98 20 45: 22 23 39

Burgstaller scores for the win | St. Pauli - FC Schalke 2-1 | All Goals | MD 16–Bundesliga 2 - 21/22
2. | St. Pauli | 21 | 42: 29 | 13 | 38
3rd | Werder Bremen | 21 | 41: 29 | 12 | 38
4. | Schalke 04 | 21 | 42: 25 | 17 | 37
5. | Heidenheim | 21 | 28: 26 | 2 | 37
6. | Hamburger SV | 20 | 34: 20 | 14 | 34
7. | Nuremberg | 21 | 29: 28 | 1 | 33
8. | Paderborn | 21 | 38: 28 | 10 | 31
9. | Jahn Regensburg | 21 | 40: 32 | 8 | 31
10. | Karlsruher SC | 20 | 34: 32 | 2 | 26
11. | Holstein Kiel | 20 | 26: 32 | -6 | 25
12. | Dynamo Dresden | 20 | 21: 26 | -5 | 24
13. | Hannover 96 | 21 | 16: 30 | -14 | 24
14. | Hansa Rostock | 20 | 21: 32 | -11 | 21
15. | Fortuna Dusseldorf | 20 | 23: 29 | -6 | 20
16. | Sandhausen | 20 | 22: 39 | -17 | 20
17. | Erzgebirge Aue | 21 | 17: 39 | -22 | 15
18. | Ingolstadt | 21 | 20: 41 | -21 | 13

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