Acquisition of Genda Gigo Entertainment, Amusement facility management treasure to serve “Segas shop”. Join the know-how of both companies

GENDA Co., Ltd. announced that Genda Gigo Entertainment, Inc., January, Ltd., has acquired all shares of Treasure Island Co., Ltd. on the same day. Both the management of the amusement facility etc., and the Takarajima will be a group company of Genda Gigo Entertainment.

Genda Gigo Entertainment is a company that has acquired 85.1% of SEGA entertainment stock in 2020 and has run Sega brand amusement facilities as Genda Sega Entertainment. The company also got all the remaining shares held by Sega, Jan. 28, and changed to the current name. And, we clarified the policy of changing the scope of the amusement facility developed throughout the country from “SEGA” to “GIGO”. GIGO is a brand that was attached to some directly managed stores such as Sega Ikebukuro GIGO, but during this announcement, Sega has become a topic that Sega has completely withdrawal from the same business (related articles).

This time, Takarajima, who became a group company of Genda Gigo Entertainment, is a company that operates comprehensively engaged in planning, construction, construction, and composite amusement facilities associated with the operation and operation of amusement facilities. There are 24 stores, mainly in the metropolitan area, and there are stores in Hokkaido, Shizuoka and Osaka. About this acquisition aim Mr. Kataoka, a chairman of Genda, comments “Know the know-how of both companies and to more enjoyable shops!”

What is Facility Management?
Seagulls are still continuing, Sega will be able to record a deficit and let’s go to the amusement business, but the performance as Genda Gigo Entertainment is strong. Mr. Kataoka says that it is the fourth phase of this year until January 31, this year is expected to be the highest profit. The Takarajima acquisition will be held on the background of such strengths.

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