Civilization Development Turn-Based Simulation “Hundred-Year Kingdom” Today-Lets build civilization in the wilderness with the maiden of the collapse-STEAM version Original soundtrack, digital art book simultaneous release

Chorus Worldwide’s new label “Wakuwaku Games” is a Civilization of Kaeru-San Games Production. I knew that I started.

Chorus Worldwide’s new label “Wakuwaku Games” is a Civilization of Kaeru-San Games Production. I started. The price is 1,500 yen (tax included), and the rating is IARC12 + (Switch version).

(* STEAM version will live / release the product around 5th in noon.)

In the PC (STeam) version, “Hundred-year Kingdom DX”, which bundled the original soundtrack (OST) and digital art books, and the game Main story + OST + digital art book, as downloaded content, is also released at the same time. Please see the specifications below for details.

“Hundred-year Kingdom” is a turn-based simulation that develops the world expressed in 6×6 mass and challenge what civilization can be built up in 100 years (100 turns). Board game genre is based on investing assets by investing initial resources, called the so-called “enlargement”. It is a game where high strategies are required, whether or not to invest in any building and acquire many resources.

There are five people who make civilization with the player and five people are prepared and five people, each of which can build a building based on their unique civilization. By utilizing the characteristics of the shroud maiden, you can make more colorful civilization.

In addition, this work is unlocked by the craft and maps, and the world of the game will spread. Also, the shrugs’ maiden offers levels. Every time you clear the game, you will be able to advance the game more advantageously, such as the level of experience increases and the level will increase. Enjoy a 100-year journey that creates civilization and history with mythic goddess.

# Game Overview

“Hundred-year Kingdom” is a civilization system turn-based turn that can be furnished without war, negotiations, conflicts and minus elements.

This world is a new world without civilization.
There was a girl called “Your Otome”, which is the name of the goddess of mythology and the name of mythic goddess.

What is the hundred years ago,
Please check with your eyes.

· Easy turn-based simulation to raise civilization while building and pioneering for a hundred years

· We will bring up civilization with the girl who is called the mythic Mao God, called “Otome of the craft”.

· There are no negative elements such as diplomacy, war, disaster, etc.

· Barbarian rides your civilization, or Gandhi does not cause nuclear attack.

· You can raise civilizations with free.


The Hundred Year Kingdom - Steam Gameplay
Title Name: Hundreds of years Genre: Simulation compatible platform: PC (steam), Nintendo Switch release date: February 3, 2022 (on sale) Game Main story price: 1,500 yen (tax included) Original Soundtrack for STEAM: 660 yen (tax included) Digital Art Book for Steam: 220 yen (tax included) STeam version Bundle “Hundred-year-old Kingdom DX”: 1,904 yen (tax included) Rating: IARC 12 + * “Hundred-year Kingdom DX”: “Hundred-year Kingdom DX” is Kingdom “Game Main Hen, Original Soundtrack, Digital Art Books Each item is buying individually, it will be a bundle pack that can receive a 20% discount from the total price. If you purchased separately, please note that discount is not applied. [Product page] [STEAM product page] [Nintendo ESHOP product page] / list/software/70010000044930.html [trailer] Copyright: C Kaeru-San Games. Published by CHORUS WORLDWIDE GAMES

# About Corus Worldwide

Chorus World Wide was established in 2014 as a digital delivery specialist publisher that provides unique works of various countries to game fans. Currently, we are working at Tokyo, Vancouver, and London’s bases, and we are developing titles at each platform store, such as App Store, Google Play, Nintendo Eshop, Microsoft Store, Playstation Store, Steam.

# Waku Waku Games

Wakuwaku Games is a new label of chorus worldwide focused on Japanese coterie and indications. “The game is starting to be started in the world,” and supported creators that produce attractive works, and to provide activities from September 2021 to deliver to the game fans.

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