This week we got three great prepared specifically games!

An overview prepared specifically for those users who do not visit us regularly, and who could miss some important event in the last week. You will find here a list of all prime minister, tests, updates, new classes, servers and other new products, which we witnessed between Monday and Sunday.

Nintendo Direct PREDICTIONS Discussion! (Mario Kart 10, Splatoon 3, XC3, Metroid, & More!)
Monday (January 24):

Arkheim – New War MMO

RevendaWN Eternal \ – Records to the new MMO “Play to Earn”

Tuesday (January 25):

Mortal Online 2 – Great Prime Minister Great prepared specifically

MU Online – New Update

Final Fantasy XIV – New servers

New World – New great patch

Broken RANKS – the premiere of the best Polish prepared specifically

Blizzard announces a new game!

Wednesday (January 26):

Black Desert Mobile – New class

Final Fantasy XIV – return to sale

Planetside 2 – a new continent in the game

Thursday (January 26):

Zenith – the real premiere of the real Vrmmo

Star Trek Online – a new addition

Bless Unleashed – Change of the publisher and manufacturer

Friday (27 January):

Fractured Online – Subscriptions for testing

Wholesale games on steam

Saturday (29 January):

Gladiatus – a new Polish server

Diablo 3 – wholesale games

Sunday (January 30):

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