Excel Heroes, New Theme Phantom Wanderland Update

Line Games (Representative Kim Min-kyu) released its first fed core (character skills and external change costume) of new theme ‘Phantom, Wonderland’ on mobile RPG ‘Exclamation Heroes’ on its 28th, And proceed with the update memorial event.

‘Phantom Inn Wonderland’ is a Pate Core theme that contains the past look of heroes of ‘Wonderland’ countries. ‘Wonderland’, the Pate Core ‘Renor’ ‘s Pate Core’ Phantom Shadow – Renor ‘, will begin the 5-star hero’ Disinder ‘and’ Kruger ‘Pate Core will be released sequentially.

New Core Raid | Wonderland Phantom | Exos Heroes
‘Phantom Shadow-Renor’ is equipped with a gold grade, with a passive skill that imparts a weakening effect when the enemy is counterattacked with the opposite change with the change of the enemy. The Pate Core can easily earn more via the probability industry by February 17th.

In addition, a variety of content updates have been conducted, including new stories, including chapters 25, including the rapid combat function of the raid, and improving the convenience of equipment production management.

Line Games will proceed with a special event commemorating the update of ‘Pantom Wanderland’ updates. By February 9, 77 characters can be free to receive a total of 77 characters per day through ‘Update Memorial Free Advanced Recruitment Event’,, 500,000 gold, etc. can be benefited.

More information on ‘ex-source Heroes’ and content updates, events, and events, and more information can be found through the title official café.

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