Hakusura ARPG “Babylons Fall” Battle Pass Information Released. Season 1 is the official live broadcast summary, such as free opening a paid battle path

Square Enix broadcasted the third of the official live broadcast to deliver the latest information on Online Action RPG “ Babylons Fall ” online.

This work is an online dedicated up to four cooperative play action RPG, which is jointly developed by Square Enix and Platinum Games. Hack & slash element-based gameplay, player is a warrior, chiff instrument (Sentinel) who is a special brace called Gideon Coffin, and a huge column babylon that huge heritage will sleep Aim for the capture of

In this broadcast, the introduction story was introduced with the “Babylon’s Fall” opening and tutorial flow. Sentinel, which is a player character, is a slave, and is put on the imperial ship and taken into the stage of the stage of the stage. And the Gideon Coffins are mounted on the back, and those who survive and survive will face the giant column.

In the tutorial, you can learn various basic operations while making a battle, and you can also know the world’s view of this work in the conversation of the characters such as the event scene. And at the end of the tutorial, a giant knight Deodorus who is a boss is waiting.

The major NPCs appeared in this work were also introduced. Imperial soldier, Ishumu who supports the protagonist (CV: Mountain Road Wako). The director’s daughter and sends Sentel to a magnifying tower Sofia (CV: Akatsuki Akatsuki). The Empire Side Knight Eleon (CV: Horse Eriji) that is remained in the giant tower. A mysterious character Pig Marion & Galatea, a mysterious character that runs a shop (CV: Izawa Shiori). Mysterious Women Alouia (CV: Yuko Kai) appearing in the protagonist ‘s awareness appears.

Player characters are also voices, and they can be selected and changed from a large number of voice actors. Also, it is also planned to add new voices (voice actors) in the future by free updates.

In the broadcast, actual play is also introduced. At the time of the last broadcast, the appearance in the campaign mode was also revealed at “Squeeze Cure” visited in “Squamish” mode. This is located in the Babylone tower and is an area that contains the caves where lava flows. The basics are one way, but there is a little search element such as looking for a randomly placed treasure chest. The item discovered can be obtained by all players.

In Socular Cure Corridor, it will progress in multiple locations, and new enemies will appear by the area. In some cases, there are also rare enemies that run away if you drop the treasure chest. And in the middle boss, a wolf type uridinum appeared. He is characterized by a quick action, such as shooting a bullet attribute bullet.

Furthermore, as a big boss, moira, which a wolf and a woman combined, are awaited. It is a strong enemy that shakes a huge two-handed sword or leaving a bow and arrow, and repeated scope attacks. And if you give constant damage, it will be wrapped in a cocoon and changed to the second form. Shoot a new attack such as shooting lasers and barrages. Furthermore, in the third form, the attack in two forms has been mixed.

There are three game modes in this work, and so far, “Scarmish”, which can enjoy the “campaign” that enjoys the story quest, material collection and special enemies called Infamas Enemy, has been introduced. And this time, the game play of the remaining “seas” is shown. Seeds are quests provided in a weekly, challenging special items.

Seeds should be played after advancing the story to some extent. The quest content is a weekly, with the theme of each attribute of fire, ice and lightning, and will be around 3 weeks. It is recommended that you face enemies and equipment that is resistant to the attributes.

There are three types of seas’ s game rules, one who defeats the enemy that appears one after another by the wave system. There is no time limit. Seeds are “the enemy” attacks “without reading the air because of the content specialized in the battle. In other words, it is characterized by the lack of immigment that the enemy attacks simultaneously. Also, the same enemy may be more strengthened than other modes.

Game rules other than waves have a fight against the enemy’s fact that you can work while carrying a barrier to prevent environmental damage, and protect the empire’s supplies from the enemy. Every time you clear, it will be advanced to the next game rule. In addition, since the sage is end content, the rarity of the equipment to be dropped is set to be high.

In the city’s shop, items called Sennell Scrip Domitinia Scripes that you can clear the seas can be replaced with equipment design and the like. It seems that high value items are prepared and will be a motivation to play weekly.

This work is operated in a season form of about three months, and every season, free battle paths and paid premium battle paths are prepared every season. Players can earn various rewards by saving battle points (BP) that can be obtained by clearing missions and quests and raising the battle path Tier.

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The content of the compensation is, for example, the season 1 “Kuon no Gotata”, with the free battle path available to all players, we have more than 30 items such as cosmetics equipment, stamps, color palettes, comb currency, etc. In addition to those described above in one premium battle path, more than 100 items such as an emitting, material such as a plurality of cosmetics equipment, victory production and appearance production are also available.

Premium battle paths are sold at 1000 galases as a paid currency “Galas” of this work. It can be purchased at 100 galad = 110 yen (tax included), so it is equivalent to 1100 yen. In addition to premium battle paths, Garraz can also be used to purchase cosmetics and emotors. Both are items related to the appearance of the character, and in the broadcast, it was stated that it would not be possible to sell powerful equipment for additional charges. In addition, there is no technique for obtaining galas for free.

In addition, the premium battle path of the season 1 “Kuon” is also announced that it is open to all users specially free of charge. It would be nice to see what items you can get for this opportunity to determine if you want to purchase after Season 2 or later.

In addition, the season rank according to the acquisition BP during the season period is also possible to provide a mechanism to make up to 500 galasz discounts of the next season’s premium battle path. Since rewards such as emblems and titles are prepared in the reaching teasing rank themselves, it is worthwhile to do with the free battle path.

In this broadcast, it was also announced that a leading trial version for PS4 / PS5 will be delivered from 18:00 on February 25. It is a content that can be enjoyed by up to four online multiplays with up to four people, from the opening of the game including the tutorial. In addition, the trial version of save data can be taken over to the product version.

In addition, about the season 1 “Kuon no Giant Tower” mentioned above, it also announced that it will start from February 25, according to the start of delivery of this leading trial version. Acquisition BP is also taken over in the product version. The trial version for PC (STeam) is scheduled to be delivered in late March.

In the middle of the broadcast, there was also a scene where the development team answers the questions from the community. If you pick up some pickups, movie skips are possible. In multiplayer, it is skipped when everyone skips. Information such as any enemy or quest can be obtained in advance for specific materials. There is no voice chat, communicating with friends and stamps.

Equipment can not be changed during the quest, but it is possible to check and prepare the quest outline. In addition, the degree of difficulty is set for each quest, and the difficulty level selection in the same quest can not be selected. Abnormal condition is cured over time. It is also possible to resist with equipment. When playing with the friend, it can be merged by sharing and inputting “base cord”. Creating a private base is also provided.

In addition, about PC version MOD, something that contributes to public order and morals is NG. In addition, it was said that I could not support MOD as the official formula. However, Jianghara Jijo, who was a producer, said that he wanted to enjoy within the right of personal view. Besides this, there was also a comment that there is confidence in the fun of the game, as if it could win the same number of selling numbers about comparison with the same Hakusura game.

“Babylon’s Fall” is scheduled to be released on March 3 for PC (STeam) / PS4 / PS5. In addition, users who purchased the “Digital Deluxe Edition” or “Collector’s Edition” of this work can be Early Access as a benefit. The PS4 / PS5 version is from 18:00 on February 28, and the PC (STEAM) version can play this work from 2:00 on March 1.

The details of the broadcast contents are also released in the community site Hanging Garden, so if you are interested, please check. The next official live broadcast 4th implementation scheduled for February 23. In addition, even if the developer Platinum Games, but so February 17, 20 at the time of performing a live broadcast.

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