Forgotten zombie shooter should be surprisingly soon

For a long time it was pretty quiet for the Open World Zombie Adventure, but according to a new rumor, Dead Island 2 is actually awakened to life again – and could be surprisingly soon.

This zombie survival game is actually FREE..
Dead Island 2 was announced for the first time in 2014 – but since then the game is trapped in developing preests. A new rumor now fumes the hope that the Open World Zombie Shooter finally stands just before the release – and could appear already 2022 or 2023.

Dead Island 2: Release already 2022?

The well-known industry insider Tom Henderson has announced in a video the latest state of Dead Island 2 from its sources: the game is his information in a good condition and may be even in the fourth quarter 2022 Or appear with a little delay 2023. A new announcement of the game expects Henderson accordingly in the near future.

Look at the YouTube video from Tom Henderson here:

To the game itself, Henderson explains that it is to act an open-world adventure , in which player survive a zombie outbreak in California and fight through Los Angeles, San Francisco and a third locality.

Zombie shooter has turbulent development behind

Dead Island 2 has made a very complicated development process in recent years, while several studios took over the project and had to return – and the game has thus been thrown back again and again. Since the first very promising announcement trailer, there was last 2020 through a leak an insight into the then rather dead-building project.

If Dead Island 2 should actually appear this year, * Zombie fans could look forward to the next Open World Squel with Hordes of Untotes to Dying Light 2 .

In our picture line, we introduce you to our zombie favorites:

Dead Island 2 could actually be released according to a rumor this year. After a turbulent development phase, according to Leaker Tom Henderson, the project seems to be in a pretty good condition.

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