“We ruined things,” activision about the current state of Warzone

A few hours ago, Activision revealed the first official details about the new Call of Duty as well as the successor of Warzone . Prior to this, the developers of these games had an online session with several content creators to explain in more detail what they could expect from the franchise in the future, and it was here where Activision admitted that “they had ruined it”.

According to Charlieintel , a portal dedicated to news of call of duty , multiple developers within Activision are perfectly aware of having ruined Warzone after the arrival of the new map, Caldera , in December. Pat Kelly , Leader of Infinity Ward , Josh Bridge , Director of Activision , and Eric Biesmann , Leader of Raven Software, said what Next on the current status of Warzone :

“We fuck him. We broke it. We are not happy with it. There are no excuses.”

Activision fired multiple Raven Software employees

Similarly, they mentioned that they continued to have difficulties with the integration of both Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard at BATTLE ROYALE, and admit that this was not always the plan. Apparently, Warzone was going to be exclusive to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare , but after seeing his popularity, the teams within Activision decided to incorporate future games of the saga within him.

Finally, these developers promised to improve Warzone in addition to continuing to implement novelties in the future and be much more transparent as to the communication they have with the community.

Editor’s note: At least Activision is aware of the terrible state in which Warzone is located. I mean, things should never come to this point and it seems that things came out of control. Hopefully they do not repeat these same mistakes with the arrival of Warzone 2, or whatever it is finished by calling their successor.

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