Visual Concepts: NBA-Studio entwickelt Open-World

New jobs have appeared that suggest that Visual Concepts, the developer studio behind the NBA 2K series, works on an AAA Open World racing game. While the studio in the field of sports simulations is meanwhile a fixed size, an open World racing game is dared in unknown characteristics.

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Visual Concepts has announced the following posts for this game:

  • Senior Technical Artist (link between artists and programming, for an exciting Open World Racing Game)
  • Senior Software Engineer, Multiplayer (responsible for qualitative network communication and dedicated servers)
  • Senior Software Engineer (responsible for development in the Unreal Engine and Open World driving pleasure for all ages)

The source for this is how usual linked in. From these advertised bodies, it is apparent that it will be the following:

A licensed AAA Open World racing game, developed in the Unreal Engine , but is still unknown whether version four or five, with a multiplayer mode, which driving pleasure for all age groups and platforms should offer and on Dedicated servers is running.

Since all bodies are developer items, the game should still be in an early stage of development, accordingly no details about publication period or date are known.

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