“Elden Ring” release commemorative exhibition is held at Sony Store nationwide from February 19-BRAVIA XR broadcast game play video

Sony announced that Sony Store directly managed stores in the country are conducted in Sonystore, which will be released about the latest from the latest production “ Elden Ring scheduled to be released on February 25.

The period is held at Sony Store of Ginza, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka Tenjin by February 19-February 27. Participation is free. During the period, BRAVIA XR, which is suitable for Gameplay of PS5, broadcasts the game play video of the same work. Also, when you visit the original parka, the original sticker will be presented by joining the original parka when you purchase a braver or home theater product during the period.

In addition to photospots in Sony Showroom / Sony Store Ginza, the special exhibition of art books, game settings, and countdown boards is also performed.

# Sony Store Ginza Limited Planning “Elden Ring Countdown Gallery In SonyStore Ginza”

# # Photo Spot “Michela Blade Malenia” Statue Exhibition

We will exhibit a special view of the life-size statue of “Michella Blade Malenia” that only two in Japan exists. You can also shoot photos together.

Sony покупает Bungie, новая игра CD Projekt, как играть в Elden Ring? Игровые новости ALL IN за 1.02

Display Location: Sony Showroom / Sony Store Ginza 5F

# # Screenshot Printing and Special Concept Art Book Exhibition

Special exhibits a screenshot that cuts the scene of the game, and the concept art of characters and maps.

Display Location: Sony Showroom / Sony Store Ginza 5F

# Sony Store Ginza, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka Tenjin Common Planning

# # Experience the overwhelming video beauty with Bravia XR

PLAYSTATION®5 version of “Elden Ring” gameplay video will be broadcast in the bravia of the Sonystore directly managed store.
Enjoy the beautiful video of this work drawn by 4K, with the high quality screen of Bravia XR that is best for gameplay.

※ The video shooting of the exhibition will be prohibited

# # Bravia Home Theater Original Parker Present to Buyer

We will give you a parka of this event-limited design with the first-come-first-served as you purchased the Bravia or the home theater.

Number of presents: Total 25 people
Present place:
Sony Showroom / Sony Store Ginza
Sony Store Sapporo
Sony Store Nagoya
Sony Store Osaka
Sony Store Fukuoka Tenjin

※ It will end as soon as it disappears

# # SNS Hash Tag Campaign Give an Original Sticker

Sony Store Nationwide At the SNS Hash Tag Campaign, I will give you an original sticker for this event limited design.

Hashtag at the time of posting:


Holding period: February 19-February 27

※ It will end as soon as it disappears
※ We will present the posting screen to the stylist and become a present

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