Find the application code that PS5 hits! “TREAT CODES” event will be held from today

Sony Interactive Entertainment has started the hunting event “ treat codes ” which looks for code that appears in unexpected places around the world from 3 am.

This is 14 kinds of unique code including PLAYSTATION controller buttons and direction key symbols, such as online, social media channels and sports, games, movies, and music topics, such as events of the world, etc. It is an event that appears one after another. You can enter up to 14 cases for each code correctly, and you can enter the application where PLAYSTATION 5 hit.

How To Redeem ANY Code On PS5! (inc. FREE CODES!)

Once you find code, on the TREAT CODES event page of, you can sign up using the PlayStation Network account ID and enter the code correctly, and answer questions. Code is published from February 16 to March 1, but code input and application can be 3 am on March 8.

Also, in, we will provide hint information that “Let’s pay attention to the creators who are distributing the PlayStation title during this week.”

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