Halo cosplay in a double pack: This Cortanas could be directly in the TV

The name Cortana is primarily for two things: the popular AI from the Shooter Series Halo and the Microsoft virtual assistant on Windows devices. Especially the first has recently received new attention from the successful launch of Halo Infinite and is probably not a common cosplay candidate.

The Reddit users primrosefawn and Briannatty does not care. They are fire and flame for the blue-skinned artificial intelligence and therefore thrown into shell or a matching bodysuit and applied a proper portion of facial color.

How to coincide and hype a CORTONA COSPLAY double pack

Thanks to the convincing costumes, the two look like they could play directly in the upcoming TV series of Halo. By the way, this is to start this year at streaming service Paramount Plus and will also be Pablo Schreiber as MasterChief in addition to actress Jen Tayan as Cortana ** on the screen.

Matching the Halo Hype Primrosefawn and Briannatty have completed their cosplays and divided into reddit. It does not seem to suggest that the two have agreed: so it is pure coincidence or by Halo Infinite certified hype or returned love for the figure of Cortana.

Both cosplays clearly remind of the friendly and helpful Cortana from the former halo titles and Halo Infinite and probably have nothing with the malicious AI from Halo 4 and 5. But despite the strong similarity to each other and the model figure, both cosplays bring their own qualities.

The background of Briannatty’s photo fits through the blue lights not only great to look to Cortanas, but also acts consistently futuristic, as it belongs to artificial intelligence. For this, the bodysuit of Primrosefawn looks a bit of high quality and through the full body photos can be more advanced by the actual Cosplay .

Classic cosplays complacent?

The two Cosplays to Cortana are extremely strong, but quite unusual. So if you prefer more classic cosplay characters, how about a trip to the world of The Witcher 3 ? There are great costumes of Yennefer from Vengerberg or Triss Merigold.

Halo - Video Game Therapist
Even the young almost witcher Ciri is a very popular candidate for authentic cosplays. At least as exciting but this cosplay of Archschützin Aloy is the early launch of Horizon Forbidden West or this costume of the leg hard TIFA Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7.

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