After 11 years: popular minecraft

The Open World Game Terraria enthuses fans for 11 years. They certainly have nothing against a successor – and that could already be in planning. Reading some players out at least from the Twitter profile of the Creator.

terraria: successor already in work?

Terraria appeared in 2011, but are enthusiastic fans today ** with iconic pixel art, numerous crafting mechanics and sheer infinite furnishing options.

With a variety of modifications that are already available on the Internet, you can make the game a bit more varied, but also about a successor of terraria fans would be happy .

Incidentally, there is a indication of the development of a second game . There is a change on the official Twitter account of Terraria Creator Andrew Spinks. There are now the words “Terraria 2 – A New Age” to read. An official statement does not exist yet, but the fans already speculate how the successor could look like.

I found my Minecraft world from 10 years ago...
(Source: Twitter)

terraria: follows a whole new game?

From the comments on Reddit can be read out that there are several ways to satisfy the fans. On the one hand, players find it interesting if the developers adapted particularly popular mods . On the other hand, there is still the possibility of a completely new game – maybe graphically closer to Minecraft?

Most players are in agreement: You would be very happy about a successor and support him. First suggestions for the game design are already available:

“Part of me hopes that you put a” risk of rain 2 “on the legs: a similar gameplay loop with a new aesthetics and art direction. I know that many people love the side scroll and pixel style style of terraria, but I have the feeling that he has always restricted my joy in the fight and on base construction, “reddit users wrote Naaatrox.

(Source: Reddit)

Watch terraria on gog

_Ihr does not know the game yet? Make a first impression of the game in the trailer: _

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