Nausas Trajectory Ade Astra, May 26 Korean Release of Korean Edition

CLOUDED Leopard Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a Nihon Folko Co., Ltd. (CEO: Condo Toshiba), the launch of “NILTENDO SWITCH ™) (Nintendo Switch ™), such as the Japanese version of the Korean version of” Nintendo Switch ™) Released on May 26, 2022 (Thu). In addition, the traditional Chinese / Korean version of “Nara’s trajectory: KAI” (Steam®) is also released.

“Our island is on the island and ruins -” The trajectory of “Naicta’s trajectory”, “Naisa’s trajectory” released as 2012 playStation® Portable, “, High-quality, such as high-quality, and emerges as “NILTERTA’s trajectory Ade Astra” (Nintendo Switch ™).

“A fantastic world led by” a piece of star “,” Lost Heaven “is a background,” Roast Heaven “, a fantastic observation of the athlete,.

Nausa’s “Inquiring Action” with jumping and continuous attacks, Naisa’s “Four Seasons Magic”, and four kinds of collaborator “Gear Kraft”, which have a combination of four kinds of collaborators, Can be. I also introduced difficulty considering all of the beginners and action game skills.

It is a feature of the rich volume of “Naza’s trajectory Ade Astra”, such as a resolution quest, a dismissal of the residents of the “left island” residents of Nausa, and a resolution of the residents of the residents, and filling the exhibits in each region and filling out exhibits to the museum.

In October 202, “Naisa’s Trajectory: Kai”, which was released as PlayStation®4, the new high-resolution texture and high speed mode, which are newly created in CLE for traditional Chinese / Korean version, and even in the Japanese version Updated. Steam® Version “Nausa’s Trajectory: KAI” is a more high resolution of Movie and Texture, and you can enjoy the grand adventure of Nausa in a more beautiful graphic.

In addition, if you purchase Steam® version “Narita: Kai” from June 8, 23:59 (PST) on June 8, 2022 (PST), you can get an application “Complete Soundtrack” Nifta’s Trajectory: KAI ” have.

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