FC Bayern: So Will Julian Nagelsmann wants Bayern

After two victorious games in series, FC Bayern meets Sunday on Bundesliga tutor Greuther Fürth. Trainer Julian Nagelsmann works to bring back the “Bayern Flow”.

2: 4 Against the VfL Bochum, 1: 1 against RB Salzburg: Two games without a victory are not available for FC Bayern otherwise to the everyday program. Seven days ago, “everything was fine and now no longer. That does not shake me, the short term of the business simply brings it with you,” said Nagelsmann before the game against Fürth at the press conference. But: “Grade, if you are not successful, it’s good to have a game right back.”

The failed success experiences leads Nagelsmann back to missing mental freshness: “Football is a head game. We have to do things now that go to us easily from the hand.” Just this flow is missing at FC Bayern in the last week.

The recently tumbling back team dares the coach games in best form: “All players have my trust, that’s a prerequisite. The guys will stabilize again.”

FC Bayern Bang around Gnabry and Coman

Against promoted Fürth, the record champion may have to do without his wing tongs. Serge Gnabry and Kingsley Coman both went out of the game in Salzburg. Especially the use of the Frenchman on Sunday is “a bit questionable”.

Against improved Fürther “we are warned,” said Nagelsmann. “The table situation is not critical. They have developed well.” Regardless of the balance of power between David and Goliath, one thing is in any case: “We have to deliver!”

Bundesliga tutor accompanied the press conference in the detailed live blog. There are all important statements for reading.

+++ That was +++

All questions are answered, Julian Nagelsmann says goodbye.

+++ Is the FC Bayern missing the last welery? +++

“We had detailed conversations after the game in Bochum. In Salzburg it was very similar if we used to shoot goals earlier in the second halftime, it can go out differently. We can make clear games and our chances of recycling in the second half Bochum and Salzburg I have seen the necessary greed. In front of Fürth we woven well and that should awaken the greed again. The team works hard and does not intentionally play with a dressed handbrake. “

+++ What is the mood in the team? +++

“I’m not always in the cabin, because the guys should also speak and analyze themselves themselves together. We all have this claim thinking and want the success. At the same time, we must not sit out at the same time. The mood situation is reasonable that we two times in a row Not won, but is also appropriate that we do not blow all the tribulation. “

+++ Nagelsmann About Greuther Fürth +++

“Grade, if you are not successful, it does well to have a game right now. Fürth has already brought five points more than in the entire round. You have a good balance and sprinted with the most. Due to the diligence you have Always many players in their own sixteen. In any case, it will definitely be very tight for us. They have developed well. The table situation is not crucial for us to prepare for us. “

+++ How important is the mentality of Bayern? +++

“Football is a head game. We did not deliberately lost in Bochum. The word Flow just checked it quite well. We have to do things that go to us easily from the hand. It is important to be analytically and critical. It is not analytical and critical Everything black and not everything. We believe I think three points more than at the same time last year. We must radiate the certain self-image now and the head is an important part of the body. “

+++ How does the flow come back? +++

“At the psychological level, I have to do more. Development work I have to do hardly any more because I train a world-class team. Of course, we also work in content to come in the flow. One or the other exercise can be used Create a bit of simple to bring more dynamics into training. If the structure is not optimal, you may have to ignore the long-term development, or have a successful experience at short notice. We have to deliver now. “

+++ Nagelsmann about the mold crisis of the triple chain +++

“It’s about trust. All players have my trust. It is a team Bundesliga tutor, we need all the players of the squad. That’s a basic requirement. The processes and the necessary rhythm belong to it. Keyword coaching: You have to watch the statistics that some players have to look at who are a lot on the square, in recent years did not always be regular players. In addition, a lot to experience in the defensive. The boys need a success experience and we will achieve a good team structure. Also Upamecano will play again and again stabilize.”

+++ Does Nagelsmann have a plan B if the defensive weakened? +++

How Nagelsmann wants FC Bayern to play - Servus, Julian!
“We want, should and have to adapt things at short notice to succeed. We will continue to pursue our long-term way and the club. Within a game it’s about stability. Emotionally, everything was alright before Bochum, seven days later not more, But that does not shake me, but the short term of the business simply brings that with him. If you analyze the goals we have received, the goals of their own ball loss. We do not make big mistakes in the high start, we work on the balance And in the residual defense. “

+++ Employing Nagelsmann the remained victories? +++

“In principle, we have the claim to work on and further analyze, even if we win. We are no longer in such a flow as in the first round. But it does not make a crazy difference in the preparation.”

+++ Nagelsmann about the staff +++

“Jamal today has an investigation, his freight was positive for us, the test negative. The investigation should ensure that it does not happen to him like Alphonso Davies. We have to be careful with the heart topic a bit and look at what comes out. At Leon Goretzka and Davies there is no new stand yet. Serge Gnabry is a bit struck, he has reacted muscular. Kingsley Coman got a blow to the calf. He is a bit questionable for Sunday. Stayed yesterday, it did not look so good But we hope anyway. “

+++ The PK starts +++

Julian Nagelsmann enters the podium, let’s go!

+++ FC Bayern concedes too many goals +++

Not for the first time in the still young tenure of Julian Nagelsmann at FC Bayern there is headwind. At the memorable 2: 4 in Bochum as well as at 1: 1 in Salzburg, the FC Bayern revealed defensive uncertainties en mass. Already at the 0: 5 debacle in the DFB Cup against Gladbach, the Munich rear team fell negative.

The defensive weaknesses are piling up, Nagelsmann most recently talked about a “communication topic”, the trigger for a series of problems. Is that even against Kellerkind Fürth?

+++ makes life (again) for FC Bayern? +++

The Franconian newcomer does not give off the class preservation. In this calendar year, the shamrock lost only one of five games, the residue to the saving shore still still is nine points.

That Fürth is not easy to record, FC Bayern also noticed in the first leg. The Munich did a long time difficult, among other things, the fact that defender Benjamin Pavard saw the red card shortly after the break. In the end, the Munich still won 3-1.

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