Elden Ring comes in 5 days: Everything to Release, Test

Waiting felt like half an eternity, but next Friday it is finally time: fromSoftwares Newest game Elden Ring celebrates its release! In this article we summarize the most important information for you.

Elden Ring Test – When does the embargo fall?

  • At 23. February at 16 o’clock (German time)

Look for our detailed review at this time, so definitely past Elden Ring!

Release – When does Elden Ring appear?

  • Release: Elden Ring appears on 25. February 2022 (Friday)
  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC

Preload – All information about the pre-download: You can download ELDEN ring in advance on the Xbox One and Series X / S, even if you have not bought the game. The Preload appointment for PS4 and PS5 takes place just before release. More information about the Preload times is you listening here:

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Elden Ring: Preload Dates PS4 and PS5


Gameplay – these are the most important features and innovations

An excellent gameplay impression provides you with the following video:

The most important info and gameplay elements at a glance:

  • We are now traveling through an open and seamlessly connected game world.
  • Elden Ring retains fromSoftwares “hardcore” philosophy and offers only a merciless level of difficulty . However, the open world should reduce the difficulty according to the developer team, among other things, because many heavy challenges are optional and we have more freedoms when exploring.
  • We resort to a huge arms arsenal, including not only classic swords, but also whips, wholesale and magic sticks.

Watch This Before you Play Elden Ring!
* We can summon the Astral body fallen spirits . These help us in the fight.
* We have a jump-efficient riding available, with which we can travel the world swiftly.
* The Map of Elden Ring is obviously nine times larger than in the network test.
* The game world alias The “Intermediate Land” is divided into six large regions , which we travel. And yes: Not only doing picturesque forests and mountain landscapes, but also swamps that are simply missing in a fromSoftware game just not missing….
* We expect day-night cycle as well as dynamic weather change.
* In addition to the main story, we provide optional fiddles and tape optional dungeons in the form of catacombs, locks or caves.
* There is again a New Game Plus and only it gets to see everything.
* Of course, Elden Ring also offers multiplayer elements: Here are All information about PVP and Koop .

What classes are there? Do you choose the Warrior, Hero or rather the prisoner with his grotesque iron mask? No light choice. In this Elden Ring article you will find all ten classes and stats in comparison, so that the decision (hopefully) falls slightly easier:

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How good does Elden Ring play? Elden Ring-Freelancer Samara Summer could already fall into the huge game world of Elden Ring in advance and is very pleased to do so. In her preview, you tell you five highlights and five surprises for five hours with Elden Ring.

Story – that awaits you in the history of Elden Ring

You can watch the story trailer for elden ring here:

The game world of Elden Ring, the intermediate country, is anything but peaceful terrain. The Eldenring, the source of the earth tree, is broken and the golden order thus destroyed. Hungry semi-gods have torn the ring fragments per se and thus brought war and chaos over the intermediate country.

In Elden Ring, we play as so-called stained , which are dead and at the same time alive. Thus, they remember strongly on the ashes and undead of the Dark Souls games. Our ancestors were banished out of the intermediate country and we return to bind the power of the Elden Ring to us and to rise to an Eldenkursten.

What are you looking forward to in Elden Ring the most? Write us in the comments!

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