Horizon Forbidden West: Is it good for PS4?

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What is Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation 4? We have no doubt that those under them who still rock a PS4 are curious how the last-gene version of the new title of Guerrilla Games claims. What about the PS4? How are the loading times? Is the frame rate correct?

Do not worry – we are here to answer all these questions. Oh, and do not be afraid; The screenshots on this site are all from an early stage of the game, so no spoilers here. If you are looking for impressions of the PS5 version, we have a full Horizon Forbidden West PS5 test This goes closer to the game itself. No matter, we continue.

We spent a few hours with the PS4 version of Forbidden West on a Launch Day console and are pretty impressed. After getting used to the PS5 version, we were a little worried that the return to the PS4 version would be a bit shattering. Now that we have invested some time in the experience of the previous generation, however, we can say with confidence that PS4 owners are not neglected.

It looks great. We are not a Digital Foundry, but we know that this version of the game runs with locked 30 frames per second and a dynamic 1080p resolution. If you use a PS4 PRO, the resolution on chess-boot-like 1800p is raised and still runs with limited 30 fps. This is definitely a step down from what the PS5 version offers, but the end result is really impressive. Although the open world is not quite as dense with details like foliage, it looks fantastic on both consoles, and we have not noticed any performance issues at the PS4 at all. Apart from a few pop-ins here and there, it’s rock festival.

The PS4 version looks good and works well. What about other areas? Well, a big difference between the versions for PS4 and PS5 are charging times. On PS5 they take only a few seconds, maybe a maximum of 10 seconds. On PS4, however, it takes much longer; After selecting “Continue” in the main menu, loading the game took just over a minute. It is hardly a deal breaker, and the excessive loading times are to be expected, but it is a luxury we miss when we do not use the PS5.

The PS5 honestly corrupted us other controllers. While dualshock 4 fulfills its purpose perfectly, playing forbidden west on the PS4 really emphasizes how much the haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers of dualsense contribute to the gaming experience. If you do not yet use a dualSense controller and test what he has to offer, of course they will not feel like missing something. Again, the Dualshock 4 of the PS4 makes his work well, but they will know what we mean when upgrading to PS5. It really adds much, even if there are subtle things that they do not notice until they are missing.

Apart from all this, this is an identical game like the PS5 version, with the same huge card that is to be explored, a long list of quests that need to be completed, and some really amazing revelations of the story that is to discover. The good news is that you are a great ride imminent, regardless of which platform you use. The PS4 version may miss some of the things that PS5 brings to the table, but ultimately it is a perfectly good alternative. In addition, you can upgrade free to the version of the new generation and your stored data will be adopted so that you can easily resume your trip to PS5 at a time.

Will you play Horizon Forbidden West on PS4? Tell us in the comments below and have a look at our Horizon Forbidden West Guide for many more information about the game.

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