“Horizon Forbidden West” is not an open world or interesting! Summar · Battle · Gimmick is very satisfied with tutorials

Open World Action RPG “Horizon Forbidden West”, which provides a long-awaited battle or a high degree of freedom with a machine beast, with a rich large nature and a migrating civilization. To taste its full-fledged adventure, you must first be exceeding the beginning of the beginning.

Although there are many games that sandwich the tutorial immediately after the start of the game, the handling varies depending on the work. Although there are many cases where the main story is disconnected, the “Horizon Forbidden West” tutorial was firmly incorporated into part of the main story.

The tutorial part is not open world, and the tutorial part is in the form of an open world, from the configuration of the operation method and the system of this work one by 1. However, it plays a role in connecting the previous work and the main story, and the end of the tutorial is about to stand out with a dynamic development and strong opponent, and it is enough to pull it out as a one adventure.

The main story is also “Horizon Forbidden West” with plenty of volume, but the one is already in the tutorial. We introduce dense content in this tutorial and volumes measured from play time. In addition, please be assured that we will not touch the story of the part directly entangled directly with the previous work and the main story to prevent the spoiler. **

■ Excellent tutorials that can learn the operation naturally through explanation and practices in line with the situation

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When you start “Horizon Forbidden West”, first, the events that occurred in the previous work and the crisis facing this world are spoken. Although the details will be omitted, the tutorial is opened at the end of the former History, where the protagonist Aaroy to avoid the crisis of the destruction is wandering each place. Join Varl, which has also appeared in the previous work, and go to the search for the ruins.

The first step starts from the collection of “herb” which is the basis of physical strength recovery. Although recovery drugs are also available later, it is self-created at the place in the field = soon as soon as it is replenished. Even if you think from the importance, it is the first element to be taught.

Subsequently, moving from high to low. Besides, two rows of “Zip line” using a stretched wire and “Swan Dive” jumping from the high table to the water surface under the eye. Means to reach the purpose can be freely selected-it can be said that it is a hate effect that lets you feel the best part of the open world and the attractiveness.

From there, if you go ahead, there is a downhill and a staircase, and the square is waiting for the end point. There is an arrow out of the remnant of the machine beast and the figure of “Glinthawk” that was flocked. Fortunately, the battle does not occur here, but “This ahead is dangerous” and learns the way of creating the “arrow” required for the main weapon bow.

In addition, there is a gimmic capture using a bow and arrow, and there is a high point where you can learn more relevant operations such as “search by gimmicker” and “shooting the bow and arrow” continuously.

The future has sledy, and you can make a light search here. Of course, of course, it is a place where you want to get rid of it as soon as you like goods from the decayed car and the open world.

If you reopen the movement after the search, it will be a battle with the machine beast. Since it is not aware of the enemy yet, I can attack a prostatic attack while hiding the tall grass. This is also one of the important fights in this work.

However, before fighting, it is prompted to scan with focus first. This scan is a convenient feature that can check out important information, such as enemy weaknesses and peeling parts. By the way, the scan is useful not only for battle, but also for items for items and gimm capture, so it is recommended to make a habit of “Focus if there is something”.

Because there is also a helping Var, if you take a precaution and shoot the weakness, the battle itself will not be difficult. I will soon get the two enemies soon, but this will be cleared as well.

After this, the gimmic action, the narrow place passes through the flow, and after the door, we arrived at a certain area. Apparently, it was attacked by a machine beast, I am already destroyed.

Although the path advancing ahead is blocked, the new tool “pull caster” is created here for the first time in this work, and the situation is over. Besides this work, there are many other tools for searching, but I immediately showed one of them in the tutorial.

Not only removal of the rubble, but also pulling it to a fixed point and pulling up the Body of Aaroy. The search is still continued while actually learning such applications.

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