These are the five best chapters of Malcolm the one in the middle

_ Malcolm the one in between _ is one of the most beloved series by the public. The performances of Frankie Muniz, Bryan Cranston, and company are remembered to this day. Making a list of the best episodes is not a simple task, since there are seven seasons, with almost 150 episodes , each remembered by thousands of people. Fortunately, IMDB offers an organized list ordered by the rating that fans have given each chapter over the years.

5-. _ Family endunion_ (season four, Episode three) 8.7

In this episode, Malcolm and company assist the family meeting on the Hal side. While they are there, Lois is treated horribly. Fortunately, the children of her come together to terrorize adults in the form of revenge. Here we are not only witnesses of a dynamic that we rarely see, one where Lois is vulnerable, but it is also clear about the love that this family has. Along with this, the appearance of Christopher Lloyd as Hal dad is very worth it.

4-. Lois attacks again (Season Seven, Episode 16) 8.7

In this chapter, Reese is the target of a heavy joke performed by several girls at school. When her son depresses, Lois decides to take revenge on those responsible. Only Malcolm realizes that she is the one who makes her life impossible for the girls and tries to stop her. On this occasion we see how the malevolent attitude that Reese has, maybe he inherited her from her mother. As if that were not enough, this episode is one of Emma Stone’s first credits.

3-. _ Aquatic paraque_ (season one, episode 16) 8.7

The first season ended with a family trip. Lois, Hal, Reese and Malcolm went to a water park to spend a day of fun under the sun. Children get into trouble, parents get drunk, and Dewey presence the death of the nanny of him. Next to the special appearance of Bea Arthur, this chapter is remembered by all the memes that has left us.

two-. Grading (Season Seven, Episode 22) 9.1

The end of the series is remembered with love. Not only was it reached a great emotional level with the farewell of the family, but it was a dignified resolution for each character. Malcolm went to college, Reese moved, Francis won a new job, while Lois and Hal learned that they will have a new son. She closed the door, but made it clear that these characters will live forever in our hearts.

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1-. _ Bowling_ (season two, episode 20) 9.3

More than an emotional end, this episode is remembered by many due to the way in which the same story was counted from different ways depending on the characters on stage. With three lines of time happening simultaneously, this chapter makes it clear that the interaction between characters was the strength of the series. It is a pity that this narrative element did not use once again.

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