2k games have signed with LEGO to achieve a range of sports games

The scoop of the day is signed VGC. According to the information from the British site, 2k Games has signed with LEGO for the production of several sports games, including a football game developed by Sumo Digital and an open world running game signed Visual Concepts. An alliance made possible by the expiry of the exclusive contract between the Danish factory and Warner Bros. Games.

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In what would represent for 2K games a great opportunity for diversifying its catalog while strengthening its position on the sports game segment, this partnership with LEGO would initially result in a football game developed by Sumo Digital. The release of the game would be programmed for this year, not far from the 2022 World Cup that will take place from 21 November to 18 December 2022 in Qatar.

The second game of this alliance would be developed internally at Visual Concepts and would take the form of an open world running game. Does this remind you of something? Yes, it would be good about the game mentioned a few days ago, in the chagrin of those who had the hope of seeing Midnight Club.

This partnership stems from the end of the exclusive contract that LEGO maintained so far with TT Games, the studio of Warner Bros. Games that has continued to chain the production of LEGO games since 2005 and this under working conditions that have been debated recently. After several delays, Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker is expected on April 5, 2022.

Speaking of Star Wars, the end of the cooperation between LEGO and TT Games is reminiscent of Lucasfilm Games who opened the Star Wars license to other actors that Electronic Arts, including Ubisoft and Quantic Dream. What does not prevent the American publisher from still having several Star Wars games in preparation at Respawn Entertainment.

According to the sources of VGC, TT Games would still have a LEGO game in cartons after the Saga Skywalker. Beyond, TT Games and Warner will always have the freedom to work with LEGO, but not exclusively. In 2020, LEGO had already transferred its cinematographic and television rights of Warner to Universal.

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